3 Ways to Restore Deleted Contacts from Samsung Galaxy

As we all know, contacts are very important for us. These phone numbers from our family, friends and colleagues are recorded with it so that we can keep in touch with them .

However, in our daily life, we may delete them accidently. Then you want to retrieve them as soon as possible without losing data. And such problem is not rare for Android users. So, today, I will provide 3 solutions for you to restore deleted contacts from Samsung Galaxy 7.

Solution1: How to recover contacts with good phone

Solution2: How to regain deleted phone numbers from broken phone

Solution3: How to fix phone and retrieve contacts from cracked phone

F2Fsoft Android Data Recovery can do following things for us

Android Data Recovery Software

As one of the best Android recovery tools, this phone rescue can restore your lost data like videos, music, SMS, call logs, photos, contacts and other important Android files. Besides, this data rescue for Android enables you to back up files including the deleted one. Last but not least, this Android software can repair your phone and regain data from damaged phone. And you can download this free file recovery for trial.

Solution1: How to restore deleted contacts with intact phone

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step1: Download this software and then install it

Download this Android recovery software and install it. Then start on your computer.

Connect Android

Step2: Connect your phone

Connect your phone to computer via USB cable. Your phone will be automatically detected  by the computer. You will be required to download it first, if you have not installed the device driver on your computer.


Step3: Open USB Debugging mode on your mobile

In order that you can manage your Android phone, this Android Data Recovery can detect your Android version and lead you to enable USB debugging mode on your phone. After that, click “OK” on your mobile.

Open USB Debudding Mode

Step4: Choose contacts you need to recover

Befrore recovery, it is necessary for you to choose the recovering type(s) . This software can also enables you to retrieve removed messages or restore lost pictures and videos on your Android . First, you only need to choose “Contacts”. And then click “Next”. It will remind you automatically to root your mobile in this step. If you do not want to root, you maybe eager to know how to regain android files without rooting.

Scan Contacts

Step5: Scan contacts and regain them

This recovery software will take a few seconds to scan the contacts. Click “Contacts” and it allows you to find all contacts in your device. The removed ones are in red. Check the contacts you wish to regian and then click “Recover”. You will regain the deleted contacts quickly on your computer.

Preview Contacts

Solution2: How to recover removed phone numbers from broken phone via Phone Rescue for Android

If your Samsung Galaxy 7 is broken and cannot press the password to unlock the screen, then it is necessary for you to follow the following steps to recover the contacts from it.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step1: Connect your broken device to the computer, and this best recovery software will automatically detect your phone. Then click “Broken Android Phone Data Extraction”.

Broken Android Data Recovery

Step2: Click “Start” to choose your phone name and model, and then click “Confirm” to ensure that your mobile can be supported for this app for fixing.

Select Phone Model

Step3: The pop-up will lead you to enter the download mode in three steps according to the interface tells. Then click “Start” to fix your phone.

Enter Download Mode

Step4: It will automatically scan your phone files after fixing your phone successfully. Then click “Contacts” to view the details. Next, it enables you to checkmark the contatcs that you wish to restore, then click “Recover” to extract the contacts from your device to computer.

Extract Data from Broken Phone


  1. You can also restore call log, WhatsApp data, photos, videos and audio from your broken phone to computer.
  2. The recovered data from the broken phone are the existing one on your cracked phone, not including the deleted one.

Solution3: Fix your phone and recover phone numbers from cracked phone with contacts recovery app

If your Samsung Galaxy 7 is system broken, like system crash, virus attack, frozen, etc. and cannot respond, then you should take following messures to fix your phone firstly, and regain the contacts from the cracked phone.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step1: Connect your broken device on computer, and then run Broken Android Phone Data Extraction on your computer.

Step2: Click “Fix Device” > Check which broken mode your phone gets stuck in. If you do not know which broken mode, just click “Others” > “Next” to proceed.

Select Abnormal Mode


Step3: Choose your phone name and mode, and then click “Confirm” > Enter the download mode by following the three steps as the method one to begin to fix your broken phone.

Step4: You can click “Android Data Recovery” to let this recovery app to scan your phone after fixing your broken phone.

Enter Download Mode


Step5: After scanning your mobile, it allows you to choose the contacts, and click “Recover” to back up the contacts from broken phone to computer.

Fix Phone


  1. This software enables you to fix your system broken phone to normal, so that you can operate your broken phone again.
  2. In this method, this  recovery software will scan your existing data and deleted files on your broken phone. Therefore, you can regain lost or removed contacts.

You can select the better way based on your broken phone situations to recover the contacts in simple steps.

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