How to Convert AVCHD Video to MP4 on Windows

AVCHD camcorders has become more and more popular among the video shooting lover and is widely used by camcorder producers including Sony, Canon, Panasonic, JVC, Leica, etc. The video that you shot from your AVCHD camcorder is in MTS format. If you have recorded an interesting video clip with your AVCHD camcorder and want to upload it to your Windows so as to share it with your family, friends or the world, you will face the problem that your Windows do not support MTS format.

Part 1: Why do we convert AVCHD video MTS to MP4?

Part 2: What the AVCHD Converter software do for You?

Part 3: How to convert AVCHD video to MP4 format with Zero Quality Loss? <p>


Why do we convert AVCHD video to MP4?

When you export the files from Sony AVCHD camera, you might have to export AVCHD or MP4. Just find more differences between AVCHD and MP4 as below.

  1. AVCHD VS MP4 in video quality. As the file extensions of AVCHD, MTS and M2TS files from Sony HD hanycam or camcorders capture the highest resolution in AVCHD only. Of course, the AVCHD files are much larger than the MP4 files.
  2. AVCHD VS MP4 in compatibility. AVCHD is compatible with Blu-ray disc while MP4 can be used for different operation systems, devices or upload the files to YouTube. If you have already saved the file as AVCHD, you have to convert AVCHD to MP4.

After you know these things, you may better understand what we will talk below: How to convert MTS to mp4?

What the MTS to MP4 Converter software do for you

There is some AVCHD video converter free without watermark online, which you can choose MTS to MP4 converter free download. Today, we will introduce the MTS to MP4 converter to you; you can also have a trial. The video converter AVCHD has the ability to transfer AVCHD, MTS and M2TS files to popular used video formats without quality loss beyond your imagine. Such as convert AVCHD video to MP4. The video converter AVCHD to mp4 can also extract audio formats from AVCHD, MTS and M2TS files with fast speed. It not only can convert the video but also can edit and enhance the effect of the video. In a word, the AVCHD video converter is a savior for you to do what you want to do.

How to convert AVCHD video to MP4 format with Zero Quality Loss?

Both AVCHD and MP4 are well known file formats, but the former is supported by a few of the players and systems, while MP4 is a compatible format for lots of popular players and systems. Hence, you need the AVCHD video converter software.

First of all, you have to download the MTS to mp4 converter on your Windows and then install the M2TS to MP4 converter program by following the well elaborated and easy installation guide, in a few clicks. Of course, you can download the AVCHD video converter free for trial. But it is necessary for you to buy this MTS files converter for better experience.
Download for Windows Download for Mac
Step 1: drag file or video

Click the “Add File” button and load the AVCHD files or folder. What’s more, you can load multiple files or folder at a time.

AVCHD Video Converter add files

Step 2: adjust the output effect

Select the output option by click the “Profile” drop-down list. You can choose convert AVCHD video MTS to MP4. The M2TS to MP4 converter program provides broadest device types with tags. You can find the optimal MP4 file according to the device type.

AVCHD Video Converter adjust output

Step 3: enhance your output video

The M2TS to MP4 converter program also provides profession edition tool, you can edit the output file with the desired effects. The M2TS to MP4 converter program also provides 3D options for the output file.

AVCHD Video Converter adjust edit

Step 4: finish the job

Click the “Convert” button to convert AVCHD video MTS to MP4. You can also change the destination folder by click the “Browse” button. When you convert MTS to mp4, the AVCHD files can be used for lots of other devices. Just have fun now.

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