How to Convert M2TS to MKV with AVCHD Video Converter

“Today, I record some video clips (in m2ts file format) with Sony HDR-XR200V Camcorder. I want to extract these AVCHD videos from my Sony camera and transfer them to my computer for a better visual enjoyment. But the computer can’t play them. I don’t know the reasons. And I want to know how to play?” Alice.


Do you have the same problems? Do you have ever downloaded some videos online, but you can’t play on your iPhone devices? Do you have ever received an important video from your boss, but you can’t open it on your computer? Don’t be worried, don’t be angry. Today, I come here to help you out.


Part 1: Something You Need to Konw about Converting M2TS to MKV

Part 2: How to Convert M2TS to MKV

Part 3: How to Clip and Enhance the Output Videos with the AVCHD Video Converter


Part 1: Something You Need to Konw about Converting M2TS to MKV?


AVCHD Matroska
Short Description It is a file-based format for the playback of high-definition videos and for digital recording. It is an open standard, free container format, a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture, or subtitle tracks in one file.
Developer Sony and Panasonic
File Extensions .mts, .m2ts, .ts .mkv .mk3d .mka .mks
Media Players AVCHD player, VLC media player video/x-matroska audio/x-matroska

HTPC, Popcorn Hour or a Western Digital player

First Release In 2006


There are some free converters online; they can convert AVCHD to different video formats. But there are some limitations. First, you should connect the internet. Second, they can’t promise you the quality of converted videos. Third, if the converted files are too big (more than 100MB), these online converters can’t convert them.

But I want to introduce the F2Fsoft AVCHD Video Converter software to you. It can convert MTS to MP4, MKV, AVI and other 150 video formats with fast speed and good quality. What’s more, it also can convert Blu-ray, HD videos, M2TS and MTS. At the same time, it can edit, enhance and personalized your videos, such as trim, crop, merge, 3D, rotate videos and add subtitles.


The next part will show you how to convert AVCHD to MKV without quality loss.


Part 2: How to Convert AVCHD to MKV?


Even you are a beginner; you can finish the conversion as easy as possible.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step 1: Download the AVCHD and M2TS Converter

Please download and run the AVCHD and M2TS Converter software on your Windows.


Step 2: Transfer AVCHD Videos

Please add your AVCHD videos by clicking “Add Files” button. You can add more than one files at a time, because the AVCHD MTS converter supports batch conversion.


Add AVCHD File


Step 3: Customize Output Format as MKV

Please click “Profile> General video> MKV video Format” to set the output format as MKV for the AVCHD files.


MKV Output Format


Step 4: Convert

Please hit the “Convert” button to begin AVCHD to MKV conversion, and you can get the converted MKV files after a while (The converting time depends on the number and size of the converted files).




Part 3: How to Clip and Enhance the Output Videos with the AVCHD Video Converter


Step 1: Clip the video

If you just one video clip, you can click “Clip” button to rip it from the video.

Clip AVCHD Video



Step 2: Adjust the time

When you clicked “Clip”, there will pop up a window where you can set the start point and end point.

Set Clip Point

Step 3: Preview your video

When you finish the step 2, just click the “OK” button and then you can preview the video on the right of the interface.


Preview AVCHD Video


Step 4: Edit the AVCHD video

Please click “Edit” button, you will see the “3D, Rotate, Effect, Crop, and Watermark” options on a pop window. You can enhance the 3D effect of the video. And click “Apply” button.


Step 7:Please click “Convert” button to finish the conversion.


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