How to Copy Blu Ray to Hard Drive on Windows

Recently, I have got some problems about blu ray copy from the netizens from forum on Google. The common one for them is that should they copy a blu ray disc to hard drive? And when the blu ray disc has been destroyed, they eager to get copies. So we can know that it is necessary for us to do blu ray digital copy for backup and transfer them to hard drive.

But what should we do to finish this process? Today, I will recommend the best solution for you by operating F2Fsoft Blu ray Copy Software. And there are 3 parts you should know:

Part1: Preparations you should do before copying

Part2: Reasons for us to choose this blu-ray copy helper

Part3: How to copy blu ray to hard drive

Part1: Preparations for you to copy blu ray

A Blu-ray drive:

This is the most important thing that you need to replicate Blu-ray discs to hard drive or reproduce ISO image file into a blank disc.

A Blu-ray backup tool:

Currently there is no computer preset with a Blu-ray drive and Blu-ray backup tool. That’s why you need a Blu-ray backup tool, just like F2Fsoft Blu ray Copy Software.

Blu-ray source: 

Of course, you need to prepare Blu-ray source for backup.

With at least 30G free space storage:

Depending on what you’re going to get, you should make sure there’s enough space, either hard drive or blank disc.

Internet connection:

Make sure that your computer is well connected to the Internet as some Blu-ray discs are encrypted. Then you need to connect the Internet to remove Blu-ray disc protection and back up Blu-ray disc.

Part2: Reasons for us to choose this copy blu-ray software

This blu-ray helper allows you to do blu-ray movies copy and DVD movies copy for backup, so that you won’t lose your precious blu ray video, movies, audios and other files. And its copy processes are ultra-fast and will not lose quality because of its advanced technology.In addition, it allows you to back up your HD files although they have disc protection and region restriction. Moreover, this blu ray copy software enables you to set your video like disc reading, loading, decrypting, copying and saving.

Last but not least, this copy blu-ray software is easy-to-use although you are not familiar with computer. So you do not need to worry about its operation.

Part3: How to copy a blu ray disc to hard drive

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step1: Download blu-ray copy and start-up it

Here you can download this software, and install it to computer, and then start up the program to open the main interface.

Step2: Load blu-ray disc

Start up this software. And there are 3 ways for you to load blu-ray disc. The first one is click the “Add Blu-ray/DVD” to load source for backup. The second one is that you can drag and drop the target source into this program. The last one is that you can click “Inverted Triangle” next to “Add Blu-ray/DVD” to import source from Blu-ray drive.

Add Blu-ray or DVD Files

Step3: Choose copy mode

You can choose a copy mode like “Full Movie” and “Main Movie” after adding Blu-ray file with this blu ray digital copy. And then click “Copy” to call out a sidebar where you can do more related settings: Copy to, Disc Label and Save to.

Choose Copy Mode

Step4: Start to copy blu ray disc

After setting the copying Blu-ray, you can click “Copy” on the sidebar to start to reproduce Blu-ray to hard drive. On the Copying window, you can view the progress and do some after-copying settings. This blu ray copy software supports free upgrade after you become the full version.

Start to Duplicate Blu-ray

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