How to Burn Video to DVD on Windows

As the best DVD Burning software, and because of the popularity of HD camcorders, people are inclined to use DVD to record wonderful moments in life such as party, meeting, celebration, wedding etc. We are also used to editing them by ourselves after recording. Well-known video editing software like iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro series lets us make the video by ourselves. Then, you want to share the video with your family or friends. And the most cost-efficient way to share HD videos is to burn them into any DVD.

However, many users will be annoyed by the quality loss when burning HD video to HD DVD. So it is essential for you download the free DVD burner. But it is just for trial. If you want to raise burning effect, you should buy this Windows DVD Burner.

Part1: Situation from Jonson
Part2: Reasons for losing quality
Part3: How to create video_ts to DVD?

Part1: Situation from Jonson

I have burned some videos in my DV tapes to DVD. The video quality on my home DVD player was good when playing it . But recently, I recorded some videos with Sony HD camcorder. When I burned them to DVD, the image quality is even worse than previous DV tapes. Does anyone know the reason and is familiar with how to burn a DVD on Windows without loosing image quality?

Part2: Reasons for losing quality

When using this DVD burning software, other users also may be bothered by the quality loss when burning HD video to DVD. In fact, the resolution of Mini-DV is 720×480 pixels, which is similar to the resolution of common DVD video format. So there is no need to re-render or scale the Mini-DV video to AnyDVD. But if you convert a 1920×1080 pixel HD video to fit on a DVD, it must be re-rendered, which means the image quality will be degraded substantially.

Part 3: How to Create Video_ts to DVD

So how to keep the high image quality when you convert Video_ts to DVD? This easy DVD creator for Windows will help you.
Download for Windows Download for Mac
Step1:Load the video file to F2Fsoft best DVD Creator.

Step2:Check the video file and click Preferences.

Step3:In the preference setting window, choose PAL Video Format. Because theoretically speaking, PAL has better image quality than NTSC.

Step4:Choose the Aspect Ratio that fit your screen.

Step5:Click Video Bitrate. Generally speaking, the higher Video Bitrate will bring higher image quality. But the video size will be higher too. Choose the largest video bitrate within the capacity of the DVD disc.

Step6:Click OK and view the capacity. If it’s smaller than the Estimated Capacity, you can burn video to DVD. To burn the HD video to a disc without any quality loss, we highly recommend you choose Blu-ray Creator which allows you to burn your recorded HD video to a Blu-ray disc.

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