How to Do MKV File to DVD Creation on Windows

“Is there anyone can help me? I want to burn my MKV format files to DVD so that I can clean up my computer. Because there are so many videos which I download in my daily life on my computer, I don’t want to delete them all so that I want to burn them on DVD.” Alice.

I believe that you must have the similar situations. Because of the limitation of storage space of the computer, how many videos we can download on our computer are limited too. This is an annoy thing. Most of us are choosing to delete our videos to clean up our computer. In fact, we don’t have to do so. I will introduce the solution to you. Hope you can learn some useful things after reading my article.


Part 1: Something You Need to Know before Ripping MKV to DVD

Part 2: How to Do MKV to DVD Creation?

Part 1: Something You Need to Know before Ripping MKV to DVD


Why do we rip movie to DVD?

MKV is an advanced video format; this format plays an important role in the video territory. Besides, more and more downloaded videos are MKV extensions. However, you can’t play MKV videos on DVD player directly due to the DVD player only support playing MPEG-2 format videos. So, if you want to play home movie on DVD or Blu ray players, you need to do MKV video to DVD conversion. Besides, ripping and creating a new DVD will be an interesting thing with the MKV converter.


What can the F2Fsoft Blu Ray Creator do for you?

If you want to convert the MKV video to DVD, the F2Fsoft Blu ray Creator will be a good choice. It has the powerful editing function and you can create your DVD personalized. What’s more, this MKV Converter is a highly recommend program that can burn almost all the widely used video formats and audio to DVD with best quality and fast speed. It gives you a second chance to preserve your important MKV files as another form.

Part 2: How to Do MKV to DVD Creation


If you want to play MKV files on DVD player, just check the steps below. These steps help users create their own DVD or Blu ray disc from their favorite videos.

Download for Windows Download for Mac
Step 1: Please download and run the Bluray Creator on your PC. You can free download and then you decide whether to purchase the Blueray creator.


Step 2: Import in the source

Click the “Add Files” button to add files to the program for burning. You can also drag the source file into the program. Seconds later the source will be displayed on the interface. You can add videos which are in different formats at one time, because the best Blue ray creator supports batch conversion.

Add MKV Files

Step 3: Click the “Clip” button to clip your video.

 Clip MKV To DVD

Step 4: There will pop up a window where you can set the start and the end points by dragging the little button. If you are not satisfied with the clipped video, you can click “Cancel” button. If want to finish the conversion, just click “OK” button.

 Set Clip Point

Step 5: Before you start to burn videos to DVD, you can also click the “Edit” button to enhance the output effect of the video, there will pop up a window where you can see Crop, Effect and Watermark options. You can choose Watermark to add some interesting marks on your videos.

Edit MKV Video 

Step 6: You can preview the converted video on the right of the interface. By the way, you can add menu on your video, just need to tab the “Menu”.

Preview Converted Video

Step 7: Start conversion if everything is OK

After all settings are all right, click “Create” button to finish the conversion. And then you can enjoy your videos on the Blu-ray Player.

Convert MKV To DVD 

The Blu ray Creator is the most beautiful and effective video editing tool. It allows you to create your home videos into something extraordinary.

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