2016 Best Ultra HD Blu-ray Player for PC

Nowadays,almost all of the computers can play DVDs with DVD drive such as PC or Mac can play homemade DVDs or commercial DVDs. However,the Blu ray Disc is a kind of high definition movie format. Are you sure your computers can play the Blu ray Disc without troubles? No matter the systems of your computers are Windows 7 or Windows 10 and so on,there must be some ways to help you play the Blue ray Disc or Blu-ray ISO Files. Today,let us talk about the best way to play the Blu ray Disc and Blu-ray ISO Files on Windows.

When you play the Blueray Disc or Blu-ray ISO Files on your Windows,your PC must meet the three requirements,which are the Blu-ray driver,the Blu-ray movies and Bluray player software. Blu ray player software needs possess the function of decrypting Blu ray,which is the main problem for Blu ray users. Windows Media Player and VLC Player,those kinds of free players don’t meet the requirement for the function of decrypting Blu-ray,so that they cannot play the Blu ray movies. But,the cheap Blu ray Player will be your wise choice because it perfectly meets the requirements.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Follow these steps to play the Blu ray Disc and Blu-ray ISO files on Windows

Step 1: Connecting your Blu ray driver to Windows by USB,but USB should be above 2.0 versions.
Step 2: Downloading the free Windows Blu-ray Disc/Blu-ray ISO Player and installing them on Windows.
Step 3: Inserting your Blu ray Disc into the Blu-ray driver. You will see that there are two options on the interface of Windows. The first option is “Open Disc”; you can click it to select Blu-ray drive and then click “OK” button to load the Blu-ray directly. And then you can enjoy your Blu-ray movies on Windows.
The second option is “Open File”,you can click the button to directly select the Blu-ray folder and click “OK” button,and then you can watch the Blu-ray movies on Windows.

Blu Ray Player Software
Step 4: If you want to stop playing the Blu-ray disc on Windows,you just need click “Stop” Button on the interface of Windows and eject the Blu ray disc from Blu-ray driver.

Play Blu Ray Disc

  1. When you play the Blu-ray ISO image file, you can use the same way for loading the Blu-ray ISO image file that you use for loading Blu-ray disc. But, you should load Blu-ray ISO image file to the virtual driver firstly.
  2. When the video is playing, you can take a picture by clicking the “Snapshot” button on the interface. You can find the captured pictures by clicking “Open Snapshot Folder”. You can choose the snapshot format and the snapshot folder in the Preference window. And also you can choose the image format like JPEG/PNG and BMP.
  3. When playing Blu-ray disc, you are allowed to choose the specific title/chapter in the “Controls > Title/Chapter” column to play. Hope this way could help you to enjoy Blu-ray disc and Blu-ray ISO files without troubles on Windows. If you need more functions and tutorials you can enter: Play Blu-ray disc/Blu-ray ISO on Windows.

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