The Best DVD Player (Software for Playing Blu-ray and DVD Movies) for Windows Users

As HD movie fans, we definitely hear about the DVD and Blu-ray disc. However, do you know the definition of them? What are the differences between them? What is Blu ray? How to watch movies on windows 8? If you don’t know, you can read the following article to find the answers.

Generally speaking, most of us are choosing to watch DVD movies and Blu-ray movies in our daily life. It is a wise choice. Nowadays, the Blu-ray becomes more and more popular for people’s digital entertainment, because it has large storage and high quality characters. However, due to Blu-ray licensing, it’s pretty difficult to play Blu-ray on Windows directly. We need some third party tools. The easiest way to play DVD on Windows 8 is by installing the F2FSoft Blu-ray PlayerF2FSoft best Blu ray player .

Before installing a third-party, the first thing we need to do is to make sure the hardware reaches the requirements of Blu-ray/DVD playback. In other word, we need a good Blu-ray drive.

Here are the guidances.

Part 1: What Are the Differences between Blu Ray Disc and DVD?

Part 2: Something You Need to Know about the Windows 8 DVD Player 

Part 3: How to Play DVD on Windows 8 without Quality Loss

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Part 1: What Are the Differences between Blu Ray Disc and DVD?

Blu Ray Disc

Blu ray is a digital optical disk format which has been developed to make sure that the user gets the best digital entertainment. The large data storage of Blu ray ensures that the content is protected over a longer period of time than DVD.

A single layer of Blu-ray discs with a capacity of 25 or 27GB, enough to burn a high resolution movie up to 4 hours. Double layer can reach 46 or 54GB, enough to burn a high resolution of up to 8 hours of film.

An ordinary DVD capacity would like to 4.7GB to 17.0 GB (DVD-18).

Part 2: Something You Need to Know about the DVD Player for Windows 8

We talked about the third party before. As we all know, there are lots of Blu ray and DVD players on the market. It is difficult to pick one you like from them; we can hardly know the software is good or bad before using it. So, we recommend the most popular F2FSoft DVD player Windows 8 to all of you. Nowadays, very few DVD and BD player software programs could play DVD/BD without quality loss, while the F2FSoft Blue ray player is one of the most top-rated DVD player software to help you play DVD, BD, BD folder and HD video smoothly with high quality. This DVD player software is exclusively designed for Windows 8 users. It could offer the best cinema-like experience at home, you can enjoy Blu ray feast with your family. Check the below detailed functions to know well about the expert Blu ray player software.

Audio setting function
To set audios, you just need to click on the Audio button on the top of the playback screen.

Subtitle setting function
This professional Windows Blu ray player allows users to set subtitle track for easy enjoying. You just need to click Video button on the top of the interface.

Edit Blu Ray

Video setting function
You can change the video track by clicking the Video button on the interface of the Blu ray software too. Of course, this DVD player for Windows 8 has more settings functions. You can try to download it. This movie player for Windows 8 has free versions for Windows and Mac users. You can use the free Blu ray player Windows to play Blu ray on Windows 7 or Windows 8 without quality. The free Blu ray player Windows has the same functions as the F2FSoft best Blu ray player. So, you can use this free Windows 8 Blu ray player without worries.

Part 3: How to Play A DVD on Windows 8 without Quality Loss


tep1: Install the software

First, you need to open your computer and connect the WI-FI. Second, you need to type the “F2FSoft Blu ray player” on the Google. Third, you can click Download Windows or Download Mac button. In the last, you just run the software on your computer.


tep2: Load the DVD/Blu ray disc

On the main interface of this professional Blue ray player software, you will see two functional buttons. Click Open Disc button to load the Blu ray disc. But before you do this, please insert the Blu-ray disc to the DVD/BD drive.

Blu Ray Player Software


tep3: Select the types of Blu-ray/DVD folder

The second is Open File button, this professional Blu-ray DVD player software would navigate you to choose the types of source DVD folder or Blu-ray folder for playback.

If you choose DVD folder, you can pick out the IFO files from “VIDEO_TS” folder of your DVD folder,such as “Thor/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO”. If you choose to play Blu-ray folder, you only need to know the “\BDMV\STREAM\.m2ts” of the .m2ts file.


tep4: Make some changes to your videos

When you finished step 2, what you need to do is just to enjoy it! But if you want to make some changes on your videos, such as audio track and subtitles of the movie, audio channel, audio device and video track, this software enables you do all the things. You just need to follow my instructions. On the top of the main interface, there are six buttons: File, Control, Audio, Video, Tools and Help. I will introduce some of them to you.

1. File button. Click it, you can see some options, I want to introduce the Open Recent File function, click it you will see the videos list which you played before. With this function, you don’t need to transfer the DVD resources each time.

2. Control button. Click it, and then you can give some orders to your videos, such as Play, Stop, Forward, Backward, Volume Up and Volume Down.


Blu Ray DVD Player
3. Audio button. You can adjust audio track, audio channel and audio device.

Audio button. You can adjust audio track, audio channel and audio device.

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