How to Play Blu ray ISO Image Files with Blu Ray Player on Windows

ISO image file is a digital copy of the initial Blu ray disc which includes data contents of every written sector of the optical disc. The ISO image files can be easily saved on computer and transferred to all data links or mobilizable storage medium.

Nowadays, more and more people are used to back up their Blu-ray movies with ISO image file. The professional Blu-ray player software is the crucial factor which helps users enjoy the amazing quality of sound/picture from backed Blu-ray ISO image. This article will introduce the F2Fsoft best buy Blu ray Player to all users. F2Fsoft Blu ray players are powerful while easy-to-use Blu-ray playing applications, which provides users with an ideal method to enjoy Blu-ray Disc, folder and ISO image files on Windows. At the same time it can function as Xbox one Blu ray Player.

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Enjoy Blu-ray ISO Video with Blu Ray Players on Windows

Step 1: In order to enjoy the Blu-ray ISO images with the smart Blu ray player on Windows. The Blu ray player download should be done by users firstly.

Step 2: All users can easily download the best Blu ray player on official website for free. Then users install it on the Windows.

Step 3: Launch the virtue Blu-ray driver to load the Blu-ray ISO image file.
Then users can click the “Open Disc” button to open a browse window where users need to find the virtue driver on your Windows.

Blu Ray Disc


Step 4: When the Blu-ray ISO image file loading process is finished, users will see a menu list which includes Play Movie, Chapter, Audio, Subtitle and Other Titles. Select “Play Movie” to play the movie.

Step 5: Not only users can enjoy the Blu-ray ISO movies from the beginning, but also users can choose to play the specific Blu-ray title or chapter by right-clicking on the playback screen. What’s more, the blu ray player allows users to customize the audio/video track, audio channel, playing screen size, and so on.

Blu-ray movies enables you enjoy ultra-clear frames. If you want the more vivid experience, you can think about the 3d blu ray player.

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