How to Play 3D Blu Ray on PC

“Hi, I’m looking for some software which can play Blue ray on PC, I don’t care about the extra features about them, I just need them to play Blu-ray movies with high quality.”

With development of 3D technology, 3D IMAX is coming to our life. Due to the big screen and 3D technology, it is becoming more and more popular today. The screen of real IMAX theater is a huge square, the film screen is full of the IMAX screen. Basically there will not be something outside the film screen appears in the eyes, so the “immersive” feeling will be stronger than before. Even though there are lots of people would like to go to the theater for better enjoyment. There are still some people wanted to play Blu-ray on computer or computer based HTPC. If you want to do so, you just need to prepare four things: a PC, the F2FSoft Blu ray software, 3D projector and an external Blu ray player for PC. Then you can enjoy 3D Blu ray on PC.

Part 1: What the F2FSoft Blu Ray Player Software can do for You?

Part 2: How to Play 3D Blu Ray on PC?

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Part 1: What the F2FSoft Blu Ray Player Software can do for You?

Blu Ray Player Software

The F2Fsoft 3D Blu ray player can not only play the 3D Blu ray on different devices, such as PC, PS4, PS3 and Xbox, but also can play the 4k Blu ray, iSO files, Blu ray disc, DVD and other normal videos. The best Blu ray player has three main characters. First, it can play videos without quality loss. Second, it is compatible with Windows and Mac. Third, unlike other wifi Blu ray player, it can play Blu ray disc without wifi.

What’s more, the 3D Blu ray player has lots of bonus for its users.

First, when the Blu ray movies is playing, you could do some operations to them, such as pause, stop and adjust the video volume with the best 3D media player for PC.

Play Blu Ray DVD

Second, if you want more control functions, you could select audio track, video track, subtitle and full screen on the top of the interface.

Third, you can save some pictures on your computer. Just drag the mouse to the bottom and click the “snapshot” icon, and then you can save these pictures. You can check these pictures by clicking “folder” icon. The pictures can be saved in the format of JPEG, PNG, and BMP.

Fourth, you can click File button and then you will see the Open Recent File choice. In this box, you can easily find the videos which you have played before.

Part 2: How to Play 3D Blu Ray on PC?


Finally, we can talk about playing the Blu ray disc on PC.


Step 1: Download the 3D Blue ray player


This F2FSoft software is a region free Blu ray player; you can freely download it for 45 days.


Step 2: Connect the 3D Blu ray drive for PC


Connect the 3D Blu ray drive to your PC.


Step 3: Add the Blu-ray to the internal Blu ray player for PC


There are two options on the main interface: Open File and Open Disc.

Open Blu Ray Disc

Step 4: Enjoy your Blu-ray feast

Now, you can do the 3D playback on PC.


If someone asks you the question, how do I play Bluray on my PC, you can share this way to him or her.
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