How to Play Blu Ray DVD on PC?

Q:”Is there anyone can recommend me the best DVD play for PC? I want to play Blu ray and DVD on PC. Is it possible? ”
The answer to this question is complex. We can’t simply answer yes or no. Do you want to know the real answer? Come on, let me explain to you.
What are the difference between the Blue ray disc and the DVD?
First, the Blu-ray disc is a high-definition format while DVD is a standard-definition format. Second, the Blu-ray disc can storage 5 times more information than DVD. Third, the Blu-ray disc needs blue laser to read information while the DVD needs the red laser. In conclusion, the Blu-ray disc can’t be read by normal DVD drive on PC. So where can we find a Blu ray DVD Player for PC?

Part 1: The F2FSoft Blu Ray DVD Player PC
Part 2: How to Play Blu Ray DVD on PC?

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Part 1: The Best Blu Ray DVD player for PC from F2FSoft

The best Blu ray DVD player for PC from F2Fsoft is a region free Blu ray player. The DVD Blu ray player is an all-powerful tool which can help you build an incredible home theater. You can enjoy Blu-ray feast with the Blu ray DVD PC player. The F2FSoft free Blu ray software can play different roles in your life. It can play any commercial Blu-ray disc released in any region and support the newly released Blu-ray movies on the market. It can play any video format, including HD and Blu ray 4K. You can free download it of Mac version or Windows version.

Part 2: How to Play Blu Ray DVD on PC?

Step 1: Download the DVD player for Windows 
Free trial version is now available on the F2Fsoft Official Download Center, or you can click here to download the Blue ray player for PC.

Step 2: Run the free PC Blu ray player
After installing the Blu ray disc player for PC, the simplified main interface will pop up on the computer. You can see two buttons there: Open File and Open Disc.
Open Blu Ray Disc
Step 3: Insert BD into the PC external Blu ray player
First, you need to the external Blu ray drive USB 3.0 and connect it to your PC via a USB cable. And then insert the Blue ray disc into the drive. Press the Open Disc button, the Blu ray reader PC will automatically play the Blu-ray movie when the disc is inserted.

Step 4: Enjoy your movie
Now, you can play the movie directly or select the chapter, subtitle, audio track, and title as you wish.
Tips: You may wonder how can we adjust the chapter, subtitle, audio track, next I will show you how to do it with the best PC Blu ray software.
Audio setting function
To set audios, you just need to click on the audio button on the top of the playback screen.

Subtitle setting function
This professional internal Blu ray player for PC allows users to set subtitle track for easy enjoying. You just need to click Video button on the top of the interface.

Video setting function
You can change the video track by clicking the Video button too.

Edit Blu Ray

Of course, the best Blu ray software for PC has more settings functions. PC Blu ray playback function also be included. If you want to know more information about it, you can go to official website of the F2FSoft Blu-ray player.
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