How to Play Blu-ray ISO File on Mac

An ISO image is also named for a CD, DVD or Blue ray image file with an extension of “.iso”, which is made of the data contents of every written sector of an optical disc file system. If you want to play Bluray ISO file on your Mac, iMac or MacBook with the gorgeous LED-backlit 21.5-or 27-inch display or stunning Retina display, which is not same as inserting a DVD into Mac, users cannot watch automatic film. So F2Fsoft Mac Blu ray player, the perfect friend for Mac, is a good choice for you to play and watch HD Blu-ray movies on Mac. Blu ray player for Mac also can play Blu-ray disc and Blu-ray folder on Mac without troubles. You can also use this best Blu ray player to play HD video files and music smoothly.

In our daily life, we may meet some situations, such as:

Situation one: “Hello, I bought a learning book which has a CD with .iso format file. I can’t run it on my MacBook Pro. Can you please tell me how to run ISO files on Mac? And please suggest me if there is any App to open ISO file on MacBook Pro. Thanks for your help. ”

Situation two: “What is Blu ray? How to play ISO files on Mac? I’ve some ISO image files, some are Blu-ray and the others are DVDs. I need a player that could help me play back both Blu-ray and DVD ISO image files on my iMac. ”

So how to play Blu-ray ISO file on Mac? This post would introduce you.

How to open ISO files on Mac

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Part 1: Mount ISO File to Open ISO File on Mac

There are many ways to mount ISO file on Mac. In this section, you will learn 3 ways to mount ISO file on Mac.

Step 1: Directly open ISO file for mounting – It is actually quite easy to open ISO files on Mac via mounting. Via double-click upon the ISO image in Finder; you could let the ISO image go through the auto-mounted app to mount ISO file within OS X.

Step 2: Make use of Disk Utility – If you failed to mount ISO file on Mac in this way, don’t worry. There are also other solutions to help you mount ISO file on Mac. Apple has prepared a utility named Disk Utility to do this. The Disk Utility is generally located in /Applications/Utilities/ directory. Go to that directory folder and launch Disk Utility, open the “File” menu and navigate to “Open Disc” option, and then select source ISO file you want to mount. The selected ISO file would then appear mounted on the Mac OS desktop. The Disk Utility also works for other disk image files (dmg. img. etc.)

Step 1: Mount ISO with Mac OS X command line – Through the above 2 mentioned ways, you could seldom have problem in mounting ISO file on Mac. However, an even easier way to mount ISO file on Mac is available. That is to make use of Mac OS X command line. In the Terminal, type hiatal mount sample. iso (sample. iso refers to the path to the ISO image you want to mount). The system would check your computer and then display your ISO mounted on desktop. Also, to mount other image files in .dmg or .img, just change the extension.

Via mounting, you could then open ISO file on Mac easily. However, it should be noted that in these ways you could only mount DVD ISO image file. If your ISO image file is Blu-ray file, you may fail to mount them.

Part 2: Play ISO File on Mac with ISO Player

What about if you want to play ISO file on Mac of Blu-ray content? It’s widely known that Apple has not included Blu-ray support in its computer. That means if you want to play Blu-ray ISO file on Mac, you need to turn to 3rd-party ISO player Mac apps. That’s why you need F2Fsoft’s ISO Player for Mac, a mac Blu ray player software program that helps you play back Blu-ray discs, DVD discs, Blu-ray/DVD folders, HD videos, ISO image files and audio files on Mac. As a Mac ISO player app, F2Fsoft Blu ray player offers one click operation for Mac users to play ISO file on Mac.

Part 3: Burn ISO File to Disc on Mac for Playback

You could choose to open ISO file on Mac via mounting, or, directly play ISO file on Mac free with help of free ISO player for Mac. Also, you could try to burn ISO file to DVD/Blu-ray disc on Mac and then play back burned disc on Mac computer easily. Burning ISO file to disc means you get an digital copy of your ISO file, and also you could then freely play ISO file on hardware Blu-ray/DVD players freely.

To burn ISO file to disc on Mac, you need to prepare several things. These include:

  1. Source ISO file on your Mac computer.
  2. Blank writable Blu-ray/DVD disc (according to the type of source ISO image file).
  3. Disc recorder drive (Blu-ray recorder drive required for burning ISO file to Blu-ray disc).
  4. ISO image burner that could burn ISO file to DVD/Blu-ray disc on Mac.

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