Can You Play Blu Ray on Laptop?

There are so many PC users in the world. I’m one of them. Recently, I have collected lots of questions from PC websites; the most questions are coming from Laptop users, for instance, do Laptops play Blu ray? Where can I find the best external Blu ray drive for Laptop? Is there some software to watch DVD on Laptop?

As we all know, the Laptops have the DVD drives, so we may ask the question that can we play the Blue ray disc on Laptop with the DVD drive? The answer is absolutely not. Although the Blue ray disc looks like the DVD, but they are different from each other. The Blu ray disc is super than DVD in the media, laser technology and player compatibility. The Blu-ray disc has Blu-ray licensing, so we need especial Blu ray Laptop player program to decrypt the Blu-ray disc. Second, the DVD drive in Laptop can release the red laser which is too large to read the tiny grooves in a Blu-ray disc. So if we want to play Blue ray disc on Laptop, the most important thing is to find the best Blu ray Laptop player.

Part 1: Software to play DVD on Laptop

Part 2: Can you play Blu ray on laptop?

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Part 1: Software to play DVD on Laptop


Now, I will introduce the F2FSoft Blu-ray player to you from five aspects. First, this Blu ray player for Laptop can not only play the Blu-ray disc, but also play the DVD, MKV, AVI, ISO file, M2TS, MTS and other videos. Second, F2FSoft Blu-ray player is 3D Blu ray Laptop software; you can make a home theater. Third, this Blue ray player for Laptop is a region free Blu ray player. Four, this cheap Blu ray player can decrypt Blu-ray disc from different regions. Five, the Blue ray player Laptop can be compatible with different system, such as Windows and Mac. What’s more, it can be installed in the WII, PS4, Xbox and PC. In conclusion, this Blu ray player Laptop is a powerful but easy to use tool.

Part 2: Can you play Blu ray on laptop?


Now, this is the most important part, I will share you how to play Blu ray on Laptop without quality loss.

Step 1: Download the best Blu ray player on Laptop

Blu ray player for Laptop free download is a very easy thing, you just need to go to the official website of the F2FSoft Blu-ray player. This Blu ray software has two versions: Windows and Mac.


Step 2: Connect the portable Blu ray player to the computer

Please connect the Laptop external Blu ray player to the computer with USB. And then insert the Blu-ray disc into the drive.


Step 3: Open the Blu ray software

You can see Open File and Open Disc buttons on the main interface. Please click Open Disc button.


Blu Ray Disc

Step 4: Enjoy your movies

Now, you can enjoy your movie, the F2FSoft Blu-ray player software will bring you the immersive audio and video effect.

Blue Ray Player
Download for Windows Download for Mac

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