[PC doesn’t have Blu-ray Drive] So How to Play Blu Ray Movies on PC?

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Is there anyone can give me some information about the free Blu ray software for PC? I want to know the reasons why computer can’t play Blu-ray movies. Do Blu ray players play DVDs? How to play Blu-ray on PC


Nowadays, we get lots of benefits from Blu-ray technology; we can enjoy the High-definition Blu-ray feast with our family. But every coins has two sides, some problems come to us. Does Blu ray play regular DVDs? Can Blu ray players play DVDs and Blu ray? Because the Blu-ray videos are large storage and high quality, so we cannot play them on the ordinary DVD player software. Due to the Blu-ray licensing, we cannot play it on PC directly too. Thus, what we need to do is to get an all-powerful tool which can play Blu ray on computers without troubles. The F2FSoft best Blu ray player 2017 for PC can play Blu-ray movies in high-definition on your computer without quality loss. Unlike other paid Blue ray players, you don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars to purchase the best Blu ray player; it has the free versions for Windows and Mac. You can download the free Blu ray software on the F2FSoft Blu ray DVD player official website.

Part 1: Why f2fsoft Blu-ray Player?

Thousands of Blu-ray player software is designed for playing Blu-ray movies, DVD, Blu ray folders, HD videos for free. Why is F2FSoft the most popular Blu-ray player for PC? What does make it so special? Here are the reasons.

Reason one: The Blu ray player PC can smoothly and clearly play lots of different video formats with brilliant pictures, such as Blu-ray movies, DVDs, Blu ray folders, MKV, MTS, AVC, TP, JVC, HD videos and AVCHD on computers. It supports game videos, YouTube and other popular videos too.

Reason two: On the one hand, this Bly ray player software can play the protected Blu ray disc regardless of protection and restrictions, such as commercial Blu-ray and homemade Blu-ray discs. On the other hand, it can compatible with copy-protected Blu-ray disc and remove BD+. What’s more, it also can play Blu-ray from hard disk backup files and virtual driver. This is why the DVD and Blu ray player so powerful.

Reasons three: This Blue ray player can support up 8 channels audio system, mix audio to 2 channels headphone and surround sound. It also supports Multi-channel DTS, TrueHD and AC3/Dolby.  Based on BASS Audio System, this is why the best Blu-ray player can bring you Blu ray feast just like seated in the theater.

Reason four: This Blue ray player can be free downloaded. By the way, the free version of Blu ray disc player has the same functions as the paid one. You can watch HD videos too. This free Blu ray player can free try 30 days.

Part 2: How to Play Blu Ray on PC with High Quality?

Step 1: Download the Blu ray player software free

You can click here to download the DVD Player PC and download it for Windows or Mac.

Step 2: Add the Blu-ray to the DVD and Blu ray player software

There are two options on the main interface: Open File and Open Disc. Click the needed one.

Open Blu Ray Disc

Step 3: Enjoy your Blu-ray feast

Blu Ray Player Software Download for Windows Download for Mac