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Recently, I have learnt lots of things about Blu ray player. Here is my story. Today, I buy a DVD, The Angry Birds Action. I am planning to watch it on my computer with my brother, but I can’t play it on my Windows 10. So I look some ways on the Internet. Finally, I found the thing that I need is a Blue ray player software. I have tried some products from different companies, but I fall in love with the F2Fsoft Blue ray player software. I will share it with you from four parts.

Part 1: Why I choose the Blu-ray player

Part 2: How to play M2TS videos on Windows 10

Part 3: How to play Blu-ray disc on Blue ray player

Part 4: Something else you need to know about the F2Fsoft 4k player

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Part 1: Why I Choose the Blu-Ray Player

There are plenty of Blue ray player software in the market. The Leawo Blueray player is totally free for customers, which can play all kinds of Blue ray movies. At first, I chose it, but later, it takes me a long time to run the software on my computer and the interface of the software is too simple. As a fresh user, I don’t know how to use it. And then, I meet with the F2Fsoft Blu-ray player, you can use it without any troubles. The interface of it is so clearly.


Part 2: How to Play M2TS Videos on Windows 10

Step 1: Run Bluray Player software

Please download the Blueray Player with the instructions.

Step 2: Add Video File

When you finish downloading, you will see there are two options, please click “Open File” button to load video file. Just enjoy your videos with family.


Blu Ray Player Software


Part 3: How to Play Blu-Ray Disc on Blu Ray Player

With the development of technology, the Blu-ray disc comes to our life, it is a digital optical disc data storage format which is designed to supersede the DVD format. The Blueray DVD player also can  play it. It is very easy to do. Before you run the software, you must make sure you have put the target DVD into the Blu ray drive. And then you connect the Blu ray drive with the computer.

Step 1: Run the Bluray player software on your Windows 10.

Step 2: Click “Open Disc” button.

Open Blu Ray Disc


Step 3: Just enjoying your movies.


Part 4: Something Else You Need to Know about the F2Fsoft 4k Player

The F2Fsoft Bluray player can play Blu-ray disc, Blueray files and 4K videos. So we can call it as 4k player, too. It has lots of advantages.

First, you can easily pause the video or turn up the volume.

Pause Blu Ray

Second, you could change the  audio track, video track, subtitle, full screen and so on.

Edit Blu Ray


Third, you can use it to save some pictures by clicking snapshot icon. You also can choose the format of your pictures, such as JPEG, PNG, and BMP. And then open the folder icon to get them.

Download for Windows Download for Mac


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