An Efficient Way to Convert DVD to MKV

Although almost all available players support DVD media files, yet these files can only be played through DVD players or drives. However, as a multimedia data container to store HD/4K UHD video or audio streams subtitles, etc., MKV file can be played with MKV players. And now MKV format is completely supported by Windows 10. All of these make converting DVD into MKV become an optimal option for users of PC.

But when talk about the best DVD to Matroska converter; do you know which one is the best? If you’re a DVD fan, you will have a deep need to find it. Today, we will provide one for you.

Part 1: How to choose the best DVD to Matroska Converter?

Part 2: You can do more things with Blue ray Ripper

Part 3: How to convert DVD into MKV?

Part 1: How to choose the best DVD to MKV Converter?

As a qualified converter, there is no doubt that you can rip and convert DVD into MKV easily with it. However, it is not easy to select the best one from the market and the Internet. But today I am going to share some useful suggestions for choosing the best converter.

  1. Easy-to-use

This aspect becomes the basic point of the best one,because it can save much time for you to operate the converter.

  1. High-quality and fast speed

They are the most important elements of the best DVD to MKV converter. Some converters do convert DVD to a HD MKV file. However, it occupies a lot of storage memory or disc space.

  1. To meet user’s demands for output video effect, it must have functional capability to adjust the parameter settings.
  2. Extra functions and safe.

As the best converter, it will not do harm to PC or phone with any viruses. Extra functions will allows you to do more things like editing video, previewing content, etc.

The best converter can convert DVD into MKV with fast speed and high quality and can be easy-to-operate.

Part 2: You can do more things with F2Fsoft Blu ray Ripper.

According to above suggestions, today, I will introduce F2FSoft Blu ray Ripper to you. This magic DVD Ripper for Blu ray is a good choice for you to rip and convert DVD into MKV. It makes you to rip and convert DVD or Blu ray to MP4, AVI, MKV and other common video and audio formats. After converting and ripping, you can play them on almost all popular portable video devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Samsung, HTC, LC, BlackBerry, Nokia and so on. Moreover, users can get wonderful video effect without much loss of its original quality. And with its professional decryption process and fast speed, this Blu ray DVD ripping software ensures the high-quality video effect.

Besides, this best DVD Ripper for Blu ray will allows you to edit movies and videos easily and freely like adding 3D effect, trimming the length, cropping the video as well as removing noise.

In conclusion, this magic DVD Ripper for Blu ray is really a good choice for us to convert and rip DVD into MKV. With this magic ripper, we can rip DVD into MKV video or MKV audio easily. By the way, this Blu ray ripping software runs well on Windows. So we can convert and rip Blu ray or DVD to hard drive, PC, tablet and phone with it. Furthermore, if you want to create a new movie, you can choose this software. Finally, you can download this free DVD Ripper for Blu ray on website. However, it is just a free trial version. If you want to get better effect, you can register to achieve that.

Part 3: How to convert DVD to MKV?

In this part, you will know how does the best DVD Ripper for Blu ray work, also you can rip and convert iSO files and Blu ray to MKV with it.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step 1. Download Blu-ray Ripper and install it. Then choose Blu ray Ripper.

Select Blu ray Ripper

Step 2. Load DVD source. Click Add Blu ray/DVD to load DVD or just drag it to the main interface.

Upload DVD Source

Step 3. Edit your DVD

If you want to adjust your Blu ray video before converting, then you can click the circle below to do that. After clicking it, you can see “Trim, Crop, Watermark, Effect, 3D and Remove Noise”. You can choose one to adjust your video. If you do not need to do so, drop to the step 4.

Adjust Your DVD Files

Choose One according to Your Need

Step 4. Select output format

You can choose option next to Add Photo which is named MP4 Video by default. And you can find Edit, Change and Apply. You can click Change to select the output format MKV. Then you will see different formats and choose MKV Video. If you want to edit audio or video, you can click Edit.

Hit MP4 Video

Choose MKV Video

Step 5. After editing, you can see Convert next to MKV Video button. And you will be required to choose final saving route in the Save to box. Then choose Convert below to start the ripping process.

Hit Convert

Choose Saving Root and Then Start Conversion

Now, your DVD has converted into MKV video file with only 5 steps, so if you would like to convert video to MKV (video like DVD, Blu ray or iSO files), you can try this ripping software.

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