The Best Way to Rip Blu ray on PC

It is not easy for people to rip Blu-ray, especially for starters. And worse, it will take a long time to rip Blu- ray content, particularly full-length videos.

So, today, we will provide the best way for you to rip Blu ray with Blue ray Ripper from F2Fsoft. And after reading this article, you will get a reliable and simple way to rip your Blu-ray files.

Part 1: How to rip Blu-ray on PC?

Part 2: Why we need to rip Blu-ray?

Part 3: Brief introduction of Logan.

Part 1: How to rip Blu ray on PC?

F2Fsoft DVD Ripper for Blu ray can do following things for you:

  1. This best Blu ray Ripper can rip DVD, Blu ray and iSO files into 300+ video and audio formats.
  2. DVD Ripper for Blu ray allows you to rip protected Blu ray.
  3. This ripping software enables you to convert Blu ray to DVD, MKV, MP4, AAC, MP3 and other popular formats.
  4. You can edit your ripping files with its rippers menu like add watermark and trim.
  5. After ripping and converting, you can play Blu ray files on most portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC.

You can download this free Blu ray Ripper just for trial, and if you want to experience faster speed, you should purchase this best Blu ray Ripper.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Now, let’s see how does it work?

Step 1. Download F2Fsoft DVD Ripper for Blu ray and install it. Choose Blu-ray Ripper. And then open Blu ray Ripper.

Choose Blu ray Ripper

Step 2. Load Blu ray source. We choose movie Logan as an example. Click Add Blu-ray to load Logan or just drag it to the main interface.

Click Add Blu ray or Choose Drag File into Me

Step3. Edit your video

You can click the circle below to edit your video. After clicking it, you can see “Trim, Crop, Watermark, Effect, 3D and Remove Noise”. You can choose one to adjust your video according to your need.

Click the Circle Below

Choose One to Edit Your Video

Step 4. Select output format.

You can choose option next to Add Photo which is named MP4 Video by default. And you can find Edit, Change and Apply. You can click Change to select the output format (MP4, MKV, MOV and so on). Also, if you want to adjust the parameters of the audio, you can click Edit to change it.

Click MP4 Video to Select Output Format

Step 5. After editing, you can see Convert next to MP4 Video button. And you will be required to choose final saving route in the Save to box. Then choose Convert below to start the ripping process.
Click Convert

Choose Place to Save And Then Click Convert

Part 2: Why we need to rip Blu ray?

Blu-ray videos and audios are becoming more and more popular. As Blu ray fans, you may have many home Blu ray movies and blue ray DVDs. In other words, you have Blu ray collections in home.

However, you may be upset when you want to play a Blu-ray disc at first time, because you can’t play new videos on your player or computer. Some people may know Blu-ray discs and DVDs apply a different technology. But some common DVD drives or players can read Blu-ray information. In addition, if your computer has a Blu-ray drive, but current operating systems do not support native Blu-ray playback. And we know film makers put forward to different kinds of protections for Blu-ray such as region codes, BD+, AACS, etc.

So if you are going to play Blu-ray movies on computer or other portable devices, you need the third party tool. And DVD Ripper for Blu ray is one of the best choices for you.

Part 3: Brief introduction of Logan.

Logan is a 2017 American superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Wolverine, produced by Marvel Entertainment, TSG Entertainment, and The Donners’ Company, and distributed by 20th Century Fox. The film takes inspiration from “Old Man Logan” by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, which follows an aged Wolverine undertaking a final adventure in a dystopian future.

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