[Solved]Does Xbox 360 Play Blu Ray? [Updated]

I think you will agree with me when I say:

It is necessary to buy a DVD player drive FOR playing DVD. But we have too many DVDs on home,Drop it? None of us will do that.

DVD Discs

Or is it?

Well, it turns out, we can play DVD without DVD drive or rip DVD to MP4 for saving space of home.

Just few steps, it is bonus time for us, especially for Xbox 360 lovers. WHY?

Keep reading, you will find the answer.

Watching DVD is great.

Playing Xbox 360 game is awesome.

But when you can do both.

You are the lucky guy.

And today I will tell you something that will make you become a Xbox master:

The F2FSoft Blu-ray ripper which helps Microsoft Xbox 360 play Blu ray DVD movies.

Can Xbox 360 play Blu ray? Is the Xbox 360 a Blu ray player? Where can I find the Xbox 360 Blu ray player? I want to play the Blue ray disc on my brother’s Xbox 360 so that I don’t need to buy a Blue ray player. Can I find the Blu ray player for Xbox 360? Is it possible for me?

These are some common questions that i collected from the WikiHow, Quora, Reddit and so on. Most of us will ask that will Xbox 360 play Blu ray?  Now you must know the answer is YES.

So let’s move to Part 1.

Part 1: Something about Mircosoft Xbox 360
Part 2: The Best Blu Ray Ripper for Xbox 360 from F2F2Soft
Part 3: How to Play Blu Ray on Xbox 360?

Part 1

Something about Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360 is a multi-functions player, playing Blu-ray and DVD will not be the problem.

Play Blu ray DVD

The type’s of discs which Xbox 360 can handle with:

Xbox 360 game discs



DVD video, DVR-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD ROMs, dual-layer DVDs and DVD audio discs. [The information of DVD is on more than 4GB.]

In conclusion, if you want to play DVD on Xbox 360, you don’t need DVD player. You just need to put the DVD into Xbox 360. And then play it as playing games.

Play DVD on Xbox 360

Things different:

If you want to rip DVD to MP4, WMV, AVI or H.264, OR, if you want to rip Blu ray to MP4, WMV, AVI or H.264, you need to know something…


Something about Ripping Blu Ray Disc on Microsoft Xbox 360

Before playing Blu ray on Xbox 360, we need to know somethings.
1.  The Xbox 360 can’t play Blu ray movies, because it doesn’t have the function same as the external Blu ray player.
2. The Xbox 360 can play WMV, AVI, H.264 or MPEG-4 videos.
3. We need a Windows or Mac computer, the best Xbox 360 Blu ray ripper software.

Now, you know what do we need when we rip DVD to MP4 or rip Blu ray to MP4. Next, i will show you how to Rip Blu ray DVD to MP4. Let’s move to Part 2.


Part 2

The Best Blu Ray Ripper for Xbox 360 from F2F2Soft

Blu-ray Ripper Banner

In order to play Blu ray movies on Xbox 360, we need a professional Blue ray Ripper to extract audio from Blu ray disc. Here the best DVD and Blu ray ripper is recommended by thousands of customers strongly, the F2FSoft Blu-ray Ripper software. With this Mac and Windows Blu ray ripper, you can fast rip Blu ray and DVD into almost all popular video & audio formats like MP4, MPEG, MKV, AAC, AAC and others. The most important thing is that this procedure will still keep the video and audio quality.

And after ripping it, you can personalize your ripped videos by cropping, trimming, adding watermark, removing noise with the DVD ripping software. Finally, you can play converted videos on iPhone, iPad, HTC, Sony and other devices.

Part 3

Xbox 360 Play Blu Ray without Quality Loss

Step1: Download and install the F2Fsoft Blu-ray Ripper on PC or Mac.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step2: Select Blu-ray Ripper. Then click Add Blu ray/DVD to load source or just drag it to the main interface.

You can take a look at the red boxes in the below’s picture.

Select Blu ray Ripper Button
Add Blu Ray Disc
Step3: Edit your videos
You can click the circle below to edit your DVD or Blu ray. After clicking it, you can see “Trim, Crop, Watermark, Effect, 3D and Remove Noise”. You can choose them to adjust your video.

Rip Blu Ray to MP4

Step4. Select output format
After editing your video. Next to click MP4 Video or MKV Video. And you can find Edit, Change and Apply. Click Change, you will see different formats.
Rip Blu Ray to MP4

Choose One Supported by YouTube
Step5. After editing, you can see Convert next to MP4 Video button. And you will be required to choose final saving route in the Save to box. Then choose Covert below to start the ripping process.
Covert Blu Ray Disc

Can you play Blu ray on Xbox 360? I believe you have the answer. At the same time, with this best DVD to MP4 converter, you can extract Blu ray and DVD to MP4 easily. Now, let us download this best Blu ray ripper for Blu ray.

Download for Windows Download for Mac