[Solved]How to Rip DVD to MP4 for PC and Android

I own a couple of DVDs that I would like to rip and save on my smartphone.

I have done it a few years ago by using DVD decrtypter to rip it for free and then converting the VOB’s to AVI using AVI demuxe.

Now, I want to rip DVD to MP4. Can anyone help me?

You may encounter the same problem above or even other dilemmas. Then, it is necessary for you to find solutions to deal with them.

Today, we recommend Blue ray Ripper from F2FSoft for you.

Part 1: Compare DVD with MP4.

Part 2: How to rip DVD to MP4?

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Part 1: Compare DVD with MP4 before ripping DVDs

In this part, I would like to share some general knowledge about MP4 and DVD format with you.

Disadvantages of DVD

  1. DVD takes up much space than MP4

DVDs are difficult to store. So it is a trouble for people who have collected a large number of DVDs. They need enough DVD storage, so they are suggested to rip DVD to MP4 or other formats. Because this way can help them save much space.

DVD Discs

  1. DVD is easily broken

Children often break DVDs, so do adults. DVDs are vulnerable to scratching, warping, and breaking when stored or used improperly. When a disc is broken, hundreds or thousands of sectors maybe unreadable. So when you play your DVD, you may be confronted with problems.

  1. Regional lockout

Almost all commercial DVDs have their own region codes, which only allow you to play them on DVD players which have the identical codes.

  1. DVD drive and MPEG2 decoder are required

Nowadays, we have different electronic devices. But most of them cannot play DVDs, because they are not equipped with DVD drive and MPEG2.

Advantages of MP4

  1. MP4 occupies less space than others and maintains high quality

MP4 has high compression rate and high output quality. So it provides smaller file size than others with the same quality.

  1. MP4 is easy to save

MP4 is much easier to manage. You can save it to many devices like PC, iPhone, Android etc.

  1. MP4 is hard to be damaged

MP4 is hard to be damaged during the regular use. If damaged, we have various ways to repair it.

  1. Many devices and programs are compatible with MP4

Almost all electronic equipments are compatible with MP4 including different computers. Thus, you can keep your MP4 copies and enjoy them at any time and any place.

Part 2: How to Rip a DVD to MP4 with F2FSoft Blu ray Ripper?

With F2FSoft Blu ray Ripper

You can rip Blu ray to MP4, MKV, AVI and other formats. So does DVD and iSO files.

With this ripping software

You can edit your ripped DVD, Blu ray too.

For example

You can crop and clip them with its rippers menu.

Besides, with this best DVD Ripper for Blu ray, you can convert DVD to MKV, MP4, AAC, etc. It can also convert protected DVD to MP4 so that you can play DVD on portable devices.

If you want to experience its marvelous effect, you can download this free DVD Ripper for Blu ray.

Now let us see how does this ripper extract DVD to MP4?

Step 1.

Download F2FSoft Blu ray Ripper and install it. Choose Blu ray Ripper.

Choose Blu ray Ripper

Step 2.

Load Blu ray source. Click Add Blu ray/DVD to load source or just drag it to the main interface.

Click Add Blu ray or Choose Drag File into Me

Step 3.

Edit your DVD

You can click the circle below to edit your DVD. After clicking it, you can see “Trim, Crop, Watermark, Effect, 3D and Remove Noise”. You can choose THEM to adjust your video.

Click the Circle Below

Edit Your DVD

Step 4.

Select output format

You can choose option next to Add Photo which is named MP4 Video by default. And you can find Edit, Change and Apply. You can click Change to select the output format MP4. Then you will see different formats.

Click MP4 Video and Choose Change

Choose MP4 Video

Step 5.

After editing, you can see Convert next to MP4 Video button. And you will be required to choose final saving route in the Save to box. Then choose Convert below to start the ripping process.

Click Convert

Choose Place to Save And Then Click Convert

With this ripping software, you can extract DVD to MP4 easily. Now, let us download this best DVD Ripper for Blu-ray disc too.