How to Burn AVI to DVD on Windows

Situation 1:

I have downloaded some movies [.avi files] on computer; I want to burn AVI to DVD so that I can save computer’s storage.


I'm just trying to convert home movies that I have recorded on a DV tape into DVD format so that it can be watched via a regular DVD player.

I have prepared a blank Sony DVD-R disc, Laptop [it has an Optiarc CDRWDVD CRX890S ATA DVD drive].

However, when I insert the blank disc into the DVD drive in my laptop, the drive can’t recognize the disc.

I double-checked the specifications for this hardware on the internet and it should accept DVD-R discs. I also checked in Device Manager (from the Control Panel).

The device status indicates the device is working properly.

From the Windows Help and Support window, the topic to "Format a CD or DVD" seems to suggest that a dialog box should appear when I insert the blank disc. However, it does not.

I tried to use Windows Media Player to burn the .avi file but it indicates there is no disc in the DVD drive, even though the blank disc is in there.

I also tried using Windows Explorer. I located the .avi file that was on my hard drive and then pressed the "Burn" button while the desired file was selected. At that point, the DVD drive opened and a dialog box popped up requesting that writable disc be inserted. I inserted the above-mentioned disc but there is no further activity from the laptop.

I have also tried buying a new set of DVD-R discs but encountered the same problem.

What further steps can I take to burn the .avi file to the DVD?

Thanks in advance for help on me.

Situation 2:

Having upgraded to Windows 10 and don’t know how to burn AVI to DVD on the new operating system?

In these two situations, burn AVI to DVD is mentioned, so what is it?

First, what is the AVI?

The .AVI is a widely used video formats, which is accepted by a number of video recorders as well as a number of video files.


None of home DVD player will support .avi format.


A software program burn AVI format to DVD format is necessary.

Second, a brief introduce the F2FSoft AVI to DVD Converter

The F2FSoft AVI to DVD Burner not only burn AVI to DVD, but also can burn MKV, MP4, WMV, ISO…on Windows and Mac.

If you want to add some pictures, Watermark, music OR cut some fragments, this Windows DVD Maker also can do this.

This DVD Cloner possesses a powerful DVD menu, which makes you edit your files before you burn DVD. For example, this DVD Cloner allows you to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast and other parameters.

Even you are a green hand; you can use it without problem.

Third, how to burn AVI to DVD on Windows

Step1: Download this software

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step2: Add the videos

First click Add title button, there will have a Title 1 on the interface. In Title 1, you can load one video, you you want to add another video, please click Add title button again. Click Import button to load video resource from computer.

Burn AVI to DVD

Step3: Edit videos

This free DVD burning software can burn video to DVD, at the same time, it can edit video's effect, like Brightness and Watermark..., click OK button to finish the action.

Burn AVI to DVD

Note: You can also add music files as the background music or .JPEG, .PNG, .BMP photos as the background picture.

Step4: Add templates

Click Menu button, you will see some beautiful templates on the right of the interface. Choose the one you like.

Burn AVI to DVD

Step5: Burn video to DVD

Now, we can do burning action, just need to click Burn button on the interface.

Burn AVI to DVD


1. There are two types of blank discs: DVD+R and DVD-R. They can be supported by almost every DVD player.

2. If you make a DVD from the AVI file with no sound. That is video codec problem.

3. After you close a disc session, you can still add additional files to the disc, but you must close each additional session to be able to use the disc on another computer.

4. Don’t forget to remove disc after burning.

5. Some programs might finalize your disc instead of closing the current session. You can't add any additional files to a disc that has been finalized.

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