[Simple Steps]Show you How to Burn iMovie to DVD on Mac

Question: I have edited some videos on iMovie. Recently, I want to copy these iMovie videos to DVD so that I can share them with my friends. I failed to do it with many dvd creators. Can anyone suggest a competent one .

Answer: f2fsoft DVD Creator for Mac will help you burn iMovie to DVD with clicks.

Here is the detailed tutorial.

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Burn iMovie Videos to DVD, Create DVD from any Videos on Mac.

What is iMovie?

Definition: iMovie is video editing software which is available on Mac and iOS. Since 2003, iMovie is free with all new Mac computers.


  1. Edit video footage.
  2. Create your own footage to edit.
  3. Bring items from other programs such as iPhoto, iTunes, GarageBand, and iLife.
  4. Create an interactive and fun learning environment.
  5. Increase student buy-in to a project.
  6. Create individuality among an assignment using all the effects that iMovie holds.


  1. We must work on the same computer for the entire time they are creating their project. Once the movie is exported, it can no longer be changed.
  2. iMovie is very movement sensitive. Users should have full attention on their project when editing a movie.
  3. Learning iMovie can be challenging. The layout is not "beginning user-friendly."
  4. The longer your iMovie project is, the longer, it will take to export into a format that can be viewed by other users.

So, we may have the desire to copy videos to DVD from iMovie. On the one hand, we can share our happy stories to family and friends without worries about media players’ compatibility. On the other hand, we can avoid losing videos if iMovie suddenly stopped working…

When it comes to make DVD from iMovie, we need to know that iMovie can edit video, but it can’t support creating DVD directly.

First, we need to transfer videos from iMovie to computer.

Second, we burn videos to DVD on computer with third party tools.

Save iMovie videos as file on computer

Step 1 Open iMovie on computer, click share button on the right of the top interface.

iMovie Share

Step 2 There will drop a list, Theater, Email, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, File and Image. Choose File option.

Step 3 In the next window, you can add Description for your video, change Format, Resolution, Quality. And then click Next button.

iMovie Share

Step 4 In the next box, we just need to click Save button.

Save File

How to Burn iMovie to DVD with f2fsoft DVD Creator on Mac

As we all know, we can edit videos on iMovie before burning. The f2fsoft DVD Creator also has editting function, including add templates, background and audio...

What’s more, the f2fsoft DVD Burning Software for Mac can support a wider range of input formats, such as MKV, MP4, MOV, MPEG, FLV, WMV, AVI and more.

Here is the detailed tutorial of burning DVD on Mac.

Step 1 Install the DVD burning software for Mac and run it.

Choose Mac version. And then install the DVD burning software with the instructions.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step 2 Add iMovie film from computer

First click Add title button and then click Import button to load videos. Or you can simply drag and drop the videos into DVD Creator.

DVD Burning Software for Mac

Tips: In the bottom of the interface, D5 4.70G or D9 8.5G options are designed for videos' size, Standard/High Quality/Fit to Disc options are designed for adjusting videos' output effect.

DVD Burning Software for Mac

The colored bar indicates the final output quality – the more green the better basically. If the bar is red towards the end, it may mean that the quality of your movie is degraded.

DVD Burning Software for Mac

Step 3 Edit video

Click Menu button on the top of the interface.

You will see the Menu Structure on the left and Template on the right.

You can click Customize Background, Background Music and Add Text buttons to edit videos one by one.

You can choose 4:3 for Standard TV and 16:9 for Widescreen TV (4:3 to 16:9) on the bottom of the interface.

DVD Burning Software for Mac

Step 4 Burn film to DVD

Click Burn button, there will have a window.

And there will have a window asking you insert a blank and re-writable DVD with enough storage space into your DVD drive. Please do it.

DVD Burning Software for Mac

How to Burn iMovie to DVD with iDVD

iDVD is a discontinued DVD-creation application for Mac OS X produced by Apple Inc. It supports users to burn QuickTime movies, MP3 music, and digital photos to DVD.

It is worth mentioning that Apple discontinued the maintenance of iDVD since 2011. The newer OS X after Lion no longer supports the DVD burning software for Mac.

So, if you have iMovie 11 earlier versions, you can burn iMovie to DVD with iDVD. If not, please check out this way.

Step 1 Add iMovie video into iDVD. Click on Create a New Project on the interface of iDVD.

iDVD Software Create a New Project

Step 1 In the next window, click File button, and then One Step from iMovie.

iDVD Software one Step DVD from iMovie

Step 1 Burn video.

iDVD Software Burn DVD on iDVD