How to Burn ISO to DVD on Mac?

In our daily life, most of us may meet these situations.

Situation 1: Do you see some real good movies on friends home? When you get the videos from your friends, but sadly to find that you can’t play it on your Mac. What do you do next?

Situation 2: Have you ever tried to play the ISO file on Mac, but failed in without virtual drive? What do you do next?

As far as I’m concerned, burning ISO files on Mac maybe a good choice.

At least we can play different video formats on Mac, no need to install different playing software for MP4, MKV, AVI or WMV…[we can burn piece of videos into one DVD]


If we want to watch videos, we need hardware (TV, computer, phone…), software (Windows Media Player, F2FSoft Blu-ray Player) and videos. Different videos have different requirements for hardware and software, in other word, that’s why some videos can be played on your friends computer while can't be played on yours.

So burning your videos to a common format [like DVD] is the best way. DVD can be played on TV and computer as you wish.

When it comes to burn DVD on Mac, technical speaking, we just need to prepare a computer, DVD player, a blank and re-writable DVD and the DVD burning software.

But, there a one thing needs to be mentioned.

In order to improve the outlook of Mac computer, Apple made some changes on Mac.

Mac can be divided into three types:

MacBook Air: No Optical Drive;

New MacBook: No Optical Drive;

MacBook Pro:

(1) MacBook Pro Retina screen doesn’t have optical drive, which is characterized by high resolution, body thickness of 1.8 cm.

(2) Ordinary screen MacBook Pro is an old model, only a machine MD101, with a suction drive; optical drive position on the right side of the fuselage.

So, if your Mac doesn’t have the Optical Drive, we need to prepare an external Optical Drive.


Optical Drive/DVD Player is the DVD drive where you can put DVD into it.

Now, let’s begin our business, burning ISO to DVD on Mac.

First: Burn a DVD on a Mac with the F2FSoft DVD Creator

Advantage: Edit videos, rip, crop as you wish; Burned DVD can be played on almost DVD player.

The F2FSoft DVD Creator is the best reliable burning software, which meet most requirements of us.

Like video edit, add audio, add title and more, the most important thing is we can play burned DVD on Mac or Windows.

We just free download it on Mac.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step1: Add videos

First click Add title button, there will have a Title 1 on the interface. In Title 1, you can load one video. Click Import button to load video resource from computer

. Burn ISO to DVD on Mac

Note: You want to add another video, please click Add title button again. You can put several videos together to burn into one DVD, but, you need to make sure your DVD can storage so many videos.

Step2: Edit videos

If the DVD can’t storage so many videos, but you really want to do it. The F2FSoft DVD Creator can rip video and edit video's effect, like Brightness, Watermark, Crop, Rotate, Trim..., click OK button to finish the action.

Burn ISO to DVD on Mac

Step3: Add templates

Click Menu button, you will see some beautiful templates [over 90 preset DVD menu templates] on the right of the interface. Choose the one you like.

Burn ISO to DVD on Mac

Step 4: Burn movies to DVD in Mac

Click the Preview button to preview your entire DVD movie in real time as if you're playing DVD on TV. At last, insert a blank DVD disc to your DVD burner in computer and click Burn button to start burning DVD disc with this DVD Maker for Mac application.

Burn ISO to DVD on Mac

Second: Disk Utility Method

Advantage: Burn ISO to DVD on Mac directly

If you are running OS X 10.10 or lower, you can also use the Disk Utility method to burn your ISO image. Open Disk Utility by clicking on the Spotlight icon (magnifying glass) at the top right of your screen and type in disk utility.

1. Click on File button and then Open Disk Image.

2. The ISO image will show up in the left-hand side along with the list of hard drives, etc. Click on the ISO file and then click on the Burn button at the top.

3. Pop your disc into the drive and click the Burn button to start the process. As mentioned earlier, this no longer works on OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Third: Finder Method

As we all know, Finder can be supported by almost full versions of Mac, so Finder Method is a universal tool for burning ISO images on Mac.

1: Load ISO files. Open a new Finder window, and then click ISO file to load it.

2: First click File button, there will pop up a list, please click Burn Disk Image at the bottom of the list.

Burn ISO to DVD on Mac

3: Insert the prepared DVD into drive.

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