How to Burn MKV to DVD on Windows

Have you ever download a video and waited patiently for a long time? But, when you play it on computer, there is a message to notice you that Windows doesn’t support this video format.

Today, I will teach you a way to Burn MKV [AVI, WMV, and MP4] to DVD with the F2FSoft DVD Creator.

First, the F2FSoft Windows DVD Maker download is necessary.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Second, add the videos.

First click Add title button, there will have a Title 1 on the interface. In Title 1, you can load one video, you want to add another video, please click Add title button again. Click Import button to load video resource from computer.

Burn MKV to DVD

Third: Edit videos

This Windows DVD burning software can burn MKLV to DVD, at the same time, it can edit video's effect, like Brightness and Watermark..., click OK button to finish the action.

Burn MKV to DVD

Four: Add templates

Please click Menu button, you will see some beautiful templates on the right of the interface. Or you can go to the official website to download more.

Burn MKV to DVD

Five: Burn video to DVD

Now, we can do burning action, just need to click Burn button.

Burn MKV to DVD

Why do we need the F2FSoft DVD Creator

First, let’s talk about MKV.


MKV video is a wonderful container format due to it can hold multi-track video/audio/subtitle streams.

MKV video is also the most acceptable HD video on the internet, even WebM video is based on MKV format.

MKV files you find are possibly with the high definition video content. This video is usually crystal clear based on its source.


When you trying to burn MKV to DVD-Video, the output is usually a format for standard definition (SD) content, exactly it is supposed to be MPEG-2.

What’s more, it is not easy to find DVD player that can playback 1080p Full-HD MKV video. In other word, although MKV is popular, we can’t play it on DVD Player.


The DVD is carrier, the real important is the video codec, and different players have different requirements for video’s format codec.

For example, we can’t play Blu-ray disc on DVD player, but can play CD and DVD on DVD player.

[In this article DVD player means the DVD drive inside computer or external DVD drive]

Generally speaking,

Bu-ray player can play Blu-ray disc, DVD and CD;

DVD player can play CD and DVD.

CD player can play CD.

So we need the professional F2FSoft Video Format Burner to change video’s codec.

The F2FSoft DVD Creator

The F2FSoft DVD Creator is all-round DVD burning and editing software which could copy H.264, M4V, MKV, AVI, M2TS, WMV, DivX, Xvid, MPEG, MOV, FLV and so on to DVD for a rebirth.

1. It can keep all MKV cinematic extras - one feature that make MKV video override other container formats, like AVI, ASF, is MKV video supports advanced cinematic extras such as multiple audio tracks (e.g. director's commentary), multilingual subtitles, chapter points, bonus content and more. If possible, MKV video even supports multi-track videos by shooting from different angles.

So when trying to copy MKV file to DVD disc, you still need to maintain alternate audio tracks, multilingual subtitles and chapter points, as well as rich metadata authoring including cover art, ratings, descriptions and more. Then your self-made MKV DVD somewhat is just the same as commercial DVDs.

2. It also can produce high-defy video from MKV. - MKV container format is perfect for H.264 HD video, which can achieve high quality video in relatively low bitrates. However, as for DVD disc, MPEG-2 is the only option to burn and transfer to. If you cannot tolerate the degradation of quality lost from H.264 MPEG-4 to MPEG-2, some MKV to DVD burner software will make their great effort to redeem the data loss by efficient decoding and encoding method.

3.Last, it can change DVD formats – as we all know, DVD has region code. In other word, if you bought a DVD in America, there is a possibility that you can’t play the DVD in Japan. The F2FSoft DVD Creator can solve this problem. If you want to play the burned disc on the USA or Canada, you should choose the "NTSC" option. If you are from Europe, Australia or New Zealand, "PAL" will be the mostly used option. Aspect Ratio: If your TV is a regular TV, just select 4:3. If your TV is a wide screen TV, you should select 16:9. (Related: Convert Video Aspect Ratio from 4:3 to 16:9 for Widescreen Display)

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