How to Burn MP4 to DVD on Mac?

Q: I have many videos in MP4 format. How can I make DVDs with those MP4 videos? I want excellent quality DVDs. A: Excellent quality and fast speed, you just need to burn MP4 to DVD with F2FSoft DVD Creator.

MP4 is one of the most popular video and audio formats today. Mobile phone maybe is most popular video player for young teenagers.

Burning MP4 to DVD seems a good idea for those people who storage so many videos on mobile phone. This will save mobile phone’s storage and we can play DVD on bigger screen than mobile phone, like computer or TV.

When it comes to burn MP4 to DVD, different people have different requirement.

Situation 1: If you just want to simply copy the videos to DVD, we can do it with Mac DVD Burner.


By the way, there is a high possibility that the DVD can’t be played on different computer or DVD Player.

Because of DVDs have six region codes, so that you can play your burned DVD on your Mac, but maybe you can’t play the DVD on your friend’s computer.

DVD Region Code

So, most of us may choose the Situation 2:

1. We want to burn lot of videos into one DVD.

2. We want to play the burned DVD on different DVD player without trouble.

3. We want to add some music, pictures on DVD.

So how can we achieve this? - An all-in one DVD Burning Software.

The F2FSoft DVD Creator Software

1. This DVD burning software can burn MP4 to DVD.

2. This DVD burning software also can burn AVI, MKV, WMV, ISO, and YouTube videos…TO DVD.

3. Huge compatible character, this Mac DVD burner can work on MacBook Pro/Air…

4. Powerful edit functions, we can trim, add watermark, crop your video, remove noise and add 3D effect.

This DVD copier easy to use, let’s have a try.

Burn DVD to MP4

Simple steps about MP4 to DVD

Now, we will give you details about how to create DVD from MP4.

Step1: Download this software

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step2: Add the videos

First click Add title button, there will have a Title 1 on the interface. In Title 1, you can load one video, you want to add another video, please click Add title button again. Click Import button to load video resource from computer.

Burn DVD to MP4 on Mac

Step3: Edit videos

This free DVD burning software can burn video to DVD, at the same time, it can edit video's effect, like Brightness and Watermark..., click OK button to finish the action.

Edit Video

Step4: Add templates

Click Menu button, you will see some beautiful templates on the right of the interface. Choose the one you like.

Add Templates

Step5: Burn video to DVD

Now, we can do burning action, just need to click Burn button.

Burn MP4 to DVD on Mac

In situation 1, I mentioned one way that is

Burn MP4 to DVD on Mac with iMovie

[iMovie is the Apple Inc's software.

It can edit and covert MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV and videos in other formats to DVD on Mac.

At the same time, we can enjoy videos, tell stories, browse your video library, share favorite moments on iMove.]

1. Install and open iMovie on Mac.


2. On the interface, you will see File button and then click Impport to load videos.

File Button

3. Edit or add elements to your videos in iMovie. Use features such as cutting portions of clips, adding transitions to make the movie you want.

4. Go to "Share" from iMovie's top menu bar and click "iDVD". A progress bar may appear as iMovie prepares your project to open in iDVD. And the interface will show you the remaining time.

5. Wait for iDVD to open with your movie project in it as a new file. Get a individualistic name for your iMovie DVD.

6. Choose a DVD theme. This will allow you to customize the look of your DVD's menu. The themes can be seen in the right window pane in iDVD. Different theme means different style, so you can choose the theme you want.

7. Click "Media" in the bottom right area of the iDVD window to add more media to your video. You can add pictures and other videos.

8. Insert a blank DVD into your Mac's CD-ROM/DVD drive and Click the "Burn" button to burn MP4 DVD on mac.

F2FSoft DVD Creator V.S iMovie

1. The F2FSoft DVD Creator can free download for Windows and Mac. The iMovie can free download for Mac only.

2. The F2FSoft DVD burner needs only 34MB for installation, but iMovie needs 2GB+ hard drive storage.

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