How to Burn MP4 to DVD with the Powerful DVD Creator on PC

Do you want to enjoy high quality videos or audios? Do you want to create a DVD without losing quality? Do you want to burn DVD with several simple steps? F2Fsoft DVD Creator can fulfill your above needs.

And today, we are prepared to introduce how to make anyDVD from MP4 for you. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be used as an example. There are 4 parts you need to know:

Part1: Why do we burn MP4 to DVD

Part2: What does this DVD Maker do for you

Part3: A brief introduction about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Part4: How to create DVD from MP4 with DVD Cloner

Part1: Why do we burn MP4 to DVD

MP4 is one of the most popular video and audio formats in our daily life. And most of us will choose it to store our files. Besides, we will download some MP4 movies from online, take some MP4 videos with our camcorder or get some other MP4 files from our friends. However, sometimes, you want to burn your MP4 files to DVD so that you can play them on TV or DVD Player and experience better video or audio effect. Then this DVD burning software is your first choice.

Part2: F2Fsoft DVD Creator can do following things for you

As the best and fastest DVD Burner, this DVD Maker can let you create new works with photos, video and music. And this best DVD authorizing software enables you to burn DVD discs, DVD folders, DVD ISO images from you video files. Besides, it can burn video to DVD. And this DVD Cloner possesses a powerful DVD menu, which makes you edit your files before you burn DVD. For example, this DVD Cloner allows you to adjust the brightness, saturation, contrast and other parameters.

Last but not least, this DVD burning software can burn anyDVD with fast speed in order that you will save your time.

Part3: A brief introduction about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

In the 1930s, when the staff of the Ministry of Magic, Newt Macman, went to New York, accidentally released a lot of dangerous magic creatures from a suitcase. The American wizards’ management began to track him (the hidden magical creatures would cause the Muggle’s attention, causing the local Ministry of Magic to be disciplined). Newt began to try to find these magic creatures and eliminate the social instability between the wizard and the Muggle.

Part4: Simple steps about MP4 to DVD

Now, we will give you details about how to create DVD from MP4.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step1: Download this software

Download This Software

Step2: Start up this software, and choose DVD Creator.

Choose DVD Creator

Step3: Click “Add Video” to load source that you want to burn. In the open window, you can choose video files.

Click Add Video to Load Source

Step4: You need to select the DVD type, D5 or D9 and others before burning. You can also edit your video by click the mark “Pen” on this chosen video and add template.

Edit Your Video

Step5: When all is done, click “Burn” on the right. Then you can make DVD from MP4.

Start to Burn MP4 to DVD

Not only MP4 video files, you can also burn other video or audio formats to any DVD.

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