Two Ways, How to Burn a DVD on a Mac without Quality Loss?

Burning DVD on Mac seems to be a tough task.

At the very beginning, we talk about the difficulties in burning DVD on Mac.

Most Mac computer was removed the optical drive by Apple, such as MacBook and MacBook Air.

While we can’t burn videos to DVD without optical drive, so get an external DVD drive is necessary.

Second, we need to figure out what do we need to do DVD conversion.

Like people write some words on paper.

1. Computer acts like the human brain which gives burning file order to DVD Drive.

2. DVD Drive acts like the hand which does the burning action.

3. Video files act like those words.

4. Burning software acts like the pen which transfers, edits, compress and converts video files to DVD.

5. A blank and re-writable DVD acts like the paper.

CD for Mac DVD Burner DVD for Mac DVD Burner

Third, I want to show two ways for you to do DVD conversion with different software.

The First Way

Burn a DVD on a Mac with the F2FSoft DVD Creator

The F2FSoft DVD Creator is the best reliable burning software, which meet most requirements of us.

Like video edit, add audio, add title and more, the most important thing is we can play burned DVD on Mac or Windows without trouble

We just free download it on Mac.

Step1: Add video/photo files

When we finish the installing, open the free DVD burning software. In the interface of the Mac DVD Burner, please click Add title, and then click Import, there will popup a window asking you to load video/picture resources from computer.

Free DVD Burning Software

Step 2: Edit video, if you want

There are lots of functions for editing, including Crop, Rotate, Trim, watermark, Effects, etc.

Edit Video on Mac DVD Burner

Step 3: Add DVD menu as you wish

On the top of the interface, please click Menu button. There will few beautiful DVD menus for you. If you don't like one of them, you can free download over 90 preset DVD menu templates.

What's more, you can preview different templates one by one, change the background image or music, item position and more.

Menu Button on Mac DVD Burner Download more Menus on Mac DVD Burner

Step 4: Burn movies to DVD in Mac

Click the Preview button to preview and then click Burn button. The computer will open the DVD drive automatically, if not, open the DVD drive by yourself and insert the blank and re-writable DVD.

F2FSoft DVD Creator


1. If your video is larger than 4.7G, but your blank DVD is 4.7G or small you can choose Standard, not the High Quality option. This will save storage. What's more, the free DVD burning software will automatically shrink your video to less than 4.7G. .

Free DVD Burning Software

2. Some of us may don’t know how to recognize A blank and re-writable DVD, the simplest way is insert the DVD into DVD drive, if it is not, there will be a window.

Blank DVD

At the same time, we can see the RW on re-writable DVD. The same requirement for DVD drive.

DVD Drive

3. During burning process, we may meet some problems. Such as:

The disc can't be burned because an unexpected error occurred (error: 0x8002006E)

In this situation, we can try another DVD drive.

Or, try to recording at a slower speed (maybe 1x or 2x) and try a different type of DVD.

Or, try to register the Mac DVD burner, after all, the free trail version has less function than register one.

The Second Way

Burn DVD on Mac Directly

Maybe some of us don’t trust third-party tool or we don’t have more requirements for burning DVD. We just need to copy some files to DVD for data security. The next way may be a good choice for us.

Step 1: We need to copy all the video files that we want to burn into a folder. We can name the folder as Burn Data. But, it doesn’t matter that if you don’t give it a name, as long as you can find it on computer.

Step 2: Right-click on the Burn Data folder and choose Burn “Burn Data” to Disc.

Burn Data

Step 3: There will be popup window asking you to insert a DVD into DVD drive.

Insert Blank DVD

Step 4: We can rename our DVD disc and choose burning speed in the popup window. Click Burn and the DVD will begin to be burned. We can burn CD by using the same way.

Change the Name of DVD Video Burn DVD

In conclusion, two ways have their special advantages, according to your needs, choose one of them.

But from technical speaking, the F2FSoft DVD Creator will be the best choice, no limit for computer’s system, DVD drive’s brand.

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