3 Ways to Transfer Contacts to New iPhone Easily on Windows

Transfer Contacts to New iPhone

As we all know, contacts are very important for us. And there are so many phone numbers from our family members, friends, bosses and colleagues on it that we can keep in touch with them at any time and any place.

However, it is no doubt that we will buy a new phone. And then the first thing you need to do is to transfer data to new iPhone, especially contacts. For Android users, they can deliver their phone numbers by blue tooth. But iPhone users cannot do this, they have different ways to do that. So, today, I will share 3 methods for you to transfer phone numbers from iPhone 6 plus to iPhone 7, and the last way is about using F2Fsoft iPhone transfer software to deliver them. Then, you should follow these easy steps to learn how to transfer exchange contacts to iPhone. Below are 3 ways for your reference and more information you should know:

Method1: Deliver phone numbers from an old iPhone to a new one with iCloud

Method2: Shift phone numbers between iPhone via iTunes

Method3: Move phone numbers from iPhone 6 plus to iPhone 7 via a third-party tool: apple iPhone contacts transfer

Method1: Transfer contacts to new iPhone via iCloud

Step 1: You can go to “Settings” > “iCloud” on your old iPhone, and log in iCloud account (iCloud password forgot), also turn on contacts option in the iCloud settings. Then choose “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Storage & Backup” or “Backup” and tap “Back Up now”. You will wait until the backup process is complete.

Step 2: You will go to the new iPhone and follow the set up process and select “Restore from iCloud Backup” when it requires you to set up as a new iPhone or recover from backup files. You need to log in the same iCloud account and choose the latest backup file to recover. Soon it enables you to use your iPhone with all the contacts from the old one.


For transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone via iCloud, you need to sign in on both of your iPhones with the same Apple ID, and also you should do this transferring under the Wi-Fi network.

Method2: Transfer contacts to new iPhone with iTunes

Step 1: You should plug your old iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes. You are required to select “info” to check the “Sync Contacts” option on the left menu. Next, you will go to the “Summary” and choose “Backup Now”. iTunes will back up all your files in your iPhone including contacts and other important files. Do not unplug your iPhone until it finishes the backup.

Step 2: Start up your new iPhone and go to the set up process. When it requires you to set up as a new iPhone or recover from backup data, you need to select to restore from iTunes backup data. Connect new iPhone to computer and iTunes will requires you to recover from iTunes backup data. Choose the latest backup file and after recovering, you will get all your data on your old iPhone, and then transmit to your new iPhone with all your contacts.


Transfer old contacts to new iPhone with iTunes waste your time and easy to erase your data. If you already have data on your new iPhone or you just want to transmit some of your phone numbers from iPhone to iPhone, you’d better use the third method.

Method3: How to transfer contacts to new iPhone via a third-party tool

Do you want to move phone numbers from iPhone 6 plus to iPhone 7? The best approach for you is to use F2Fsoft FoneTrans. As one of the best transfer apps to new iPhone, there are 5 main functions of it:

  1. Manage data
  2. Transfer data to new iPhone.
  3. Transfer pictures from iPhone to computer and transmit music, videos, phone numbers, album and other files from iSO to computer
  4. Move any type of data from computer to iOS devices
  5. Export files from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer/iTunes


Moreover, remember download the free trial version before following the easy steps.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step 1: Install, and start up this software and connect your two iPhones.

Install and launch this software after downloading it. Then connect your two iPhones to your computer. The software will automatically recognize your iPhones.

Install and Start Up This Software


Step 2: Choose contacts to transfer

Select the iPhone you want to transfer contacts from, and go to the “Contacts” section. And you will see all your contacts here. You can check the information of your contacts, and select which contacts you wish to transmit to the new iPhone. You can also choose all contacts to deliver.

Choose Contacts to Transfer


Tips: In this step, you can also do other operations to your phone numbers with the transfer apps to new iPhone. You can easily delete iPhone contacts, backup and add them to your iPhone.

Step 3: Transferring contacts from iPhone to iPhone

You can see the option “Import/Export” at the top of the interface. Click the triangle and you will see the following 3 options, “Import Contacts”, “Export Selected Contacts” and “Export All Contacts”. You can choose to either export selected contacts or export all contacts according to your need. At the bottom of the export list, you will see the name of the other iPhone you connected to your computer. Just choose the iPhone and this software will let you to teansmit contacts from this iPhone to another quickly.

Transfer Contacts from iPhone to iPhone


That’s all for how to transfer phone numbers from iPhone to iPhone with iPhone app transfer contacts. You can choose one of the ways above according to your need.

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