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It’s been a while since Apple released iPhone 6. Many people have bought one or even two by now. If you’re using iPhone 6 for music entertainment on-the-go, then you should probably think of how to transfer songs from computer to iPhone. The most common means here is to make use of iTunes. That’s undoubtedly one way known to most Apple users.

In addition, many people are wondering if there is a convenient third-party transferring tool to do that. According to a survey, among all iOS transmit tools, this music transfer app iPhone is the most comprehensive and convenient one.

There are 5 things you have to know about transferring songs from computer to iPhone:

Part1: Problems from users

Part2: What can F2Fsoft FoneTrans: iPhone songs transfer software do for you

Part3: More functions about transfer iPhone music to computer you need to know

Part4: How to transfer songs from computer to iPhone

Situations from people

When it comes to how to Transfer music from computer to iPhone, for most of us, it is not a difficult problem troubling us, because we know we can easily do it with iTunes. The real problem is that during syncing with iTunes, we will lose the existing media files on our iPhone like music, ringtones, and playlist, etc.

Erasing the previous songs on iDevice was the biggest complaint about iTunes before iTunes 12. But it has been changed with the release of iTunes 12. The new one is fitted with a new feature named “Add To” (iTunes 12.2.2 has renamed it as “Edit Playlist”), which allows you to add media files like music, Podcasts, ringtones,  movies, from computer or iTunes library to iDevice without erasing existing items on iDevice. Absolutely, this is limited to that your iTunes library have all the songs on your iDevice, or they still will be erased because of Apple’s copyright protection.

Thus, is there any way to transfer songs from computer to iPhone  without erasing previous songs even if some songs you keep on iDevice that are not listed in iTunes? Absolutely YES, it is the problem we will fix in this guide.

F2Fsoft FoneTrans: iPhone Music Transfer App can do the following things for you

You can use it to:

1. Transfer songs from computer to iPhone directly;

2. Transfer iPhone music to computer;

3. Transfer music from iPhone to iPhone without running iTunes, nor syncing your iPhone to iTunes.

That is to say, you do not need to run your iTunes to get the music on your iPhone. The transferring process is fast and convenient without file loss. In addition, this software has many other functions, such as transferring videos from/to iPhone to pc or transferring photos from iPhone to computer. Here we will focus on how to transfer music files from Window 8 to iPhone 6 without running iTunes.

Require more magic functions about transfer songs from computer to iPhone

To shift music from Window 8 to iPhone 6 without any data loss, all you need is an iPhone data shift tool like F2Fsoft FoneTrans, which allows you to manage your iOS contents on computer with ease. And it also fitted with some highlight features, like:

  1. Supports managing up to 20 + types of iOS contents, like, music, videos, playlist, photos, Audiobooks, Podcasts, messages, notes, etc. Anything you want to manage, this software is at your hand, and keep your iOS contents organized.
  2. Supports transferring songs from computer to iPhone or from iTunes to iPhone, and also allows you to get music from iDevice back to computer or iTunes library for backup.
  3. Supports one-click to transfer, delete, or add iPhone music with ease.

How to transfer music from computer to iPhone

iTunes is the default application for iOS users to move music to iPhone, iPod, iPad on computer. Do you know that you can add music to iPhone without iTunes? If you want to get rid of complicated iTunes and avoid erasing any contents by iTunes, here are some steps for you to transfer iPhone music to computer.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step1: You need to download and install this songs transfer from computer to iPhone on your computer as the first step.

Step2: Launch this music transfer app iPhone on your computer before adding music to iPhone 6 without iTunes.

Step3: For adding songs to iPhone, you need to connect iPhone 6 to computer via USB cable.

Step4: After being detected, files in iPhone will be scanned out and grouped in nodes. Click “Media” and you can find all media files on the right. Tap Music on the top and you’ll come to the music panel.

Step5: Click Add button as the following picture shows (The first button in the second row). In the pop-up window, choose the songs you want to import and load to this music transmit.

Now you transfer music from computer to iPhone. It is unnecessary for you to login to iTunes or iCloud, just with a USB cable and you can completely copy any music on your computer to iPhone.

Similarily, if you want to transfer photos from iPhone to computer, you can do it by referring to transfer iPhone photos to computer; if you want to transfer text messages, you can transfer iPhone text messages with this software to achieve it and if you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to computer, you will do the same things.

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