How to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone?

Did you accidentally delete some photos on your iPhone? This situation can be disastrous, but Apple may offer you a solution, their solution often depends on you having a backup of the photos. Even if you have an iTunes or iCloud backup, you have to restore the device to achieve it which could lead to loss of new data on your device.

Generally speaking, most of us don’t have a backup for files. In this case, Apple can’t help you. But there is a way to get the photos back even if you don’t have a backup. You can use a data recovery tool to recover the photos.

Let me brief introduce the F2FSoft iPhone iPad Data Recovery Software to all of you. It is the best iPhone photos recovery program for a number of reasons. First, the file recovery tool is efficient and very easy to use. You can simply choose the type of data you want to recovery and finish the whole recovery process in just a few minutes. The interface of the recovery app is well designed, pleasant to navigate and very easy even if you are not familiar with the data recovery process. The mini tool is also useful in the recovery of 22 other types of data including contact, calendar, message, call history and many more.

Here’s a short tutorial.

Part 1: Extract data from iTunes backup
Part 2: Recovering deleted files from iOS devices with recovery app
Part 3: Recovering deleted files from iCloud backup
Part 4: Recover lost photos without any tool

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Part 1: Recovering deleted files from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Run F2FSoft iPhone iPad Data Recovery on your computer and from the main window, select Recover from iTunes Backup File. Click Start Scan to begin and in the next page, select the type of data you want to extract. If you need everything, simply check Select All.
iTunes Recovery Mode

Step 2: From the backup files displayed, select the relevant one and click Scan.

Step 3: When the scanning process is done, please preview and select the data you want to extract and then click Recover to choose a location on your computer to save them. Finally, you can find the recovered files on the location.

Part 2: Phone rescue with the best recovery app

Step 1: Download and install the program to your computer and then run the recovery app.

Step 2: From the main window, click on Recover from iOS Device and then click Start to begin. In the next window, select Photo as the type of data to recover and then click Next.
IOS System iPhone Data Recovery
Step 3: Connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cables. Once the program recognizes the device click Scan.

Step 4: The program will scan the device for the missing photos and display all the photos on the results page. Select the photos you want to recover and then click Recover. Finally, choose a location on your computer to save them. That’s it! You’ve recovered your photos.

Part 3: Data rescue from iCloud backup

Step 1: From the main window of the program select Recover from iCloud Backup File and click Start to begin. Select the file types you want to extract and click Next.
iCloud Data Recovery
Step 2: You will then need to sign in to your iCloud account. Once signed in, select the relevant backup file and then click Next to begin scanning the backup.

Step 3: Once the process is done, please preview and select the data you need from the results page and then click Recover. Select a location on your computer to recover the selected data.

Now download it to scan your iPhone, using iTunes backup or iCloud backup to check whether your valuable data can be found or not.

Part 4: Recovering Deleted files without any tool

Now we will find the ways to help you recover your pictures on camera roll and pictures library.
This way is offered by Apple. It enables you to restore pictures from iPhone directly without any tool.

But there have some limitations.

1. iPhone must works in iOS 8 or latest.
2. You can get back those pictures within 30 days.
3. Your iPhone must normal work.

The detailed guides are as following:

Step 1: View the list of albums, and select Recently Deleted. Here you could find all the delete camera roll pictures thumbnails. Each one has a number on it, which shows how long those pictures can be recovered. You are allowed to view them.

Step 2: After checking all the pictures that you want to recover, click Recover to restore them. You are capable of recovering a single or multiple pictures.

Step 3: Come back to Albums or Pictures, and you will find your lost files from camera roll as usual.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

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