How to Convert M2TS to MP4 without Quality Loss

“Today, I record some videos for my family picnic with Sony camera. When I go home, I transfer the videos to my computer in order to share with my grandfather. But I can’t play them, because my computer isn’t supported to play M2TS file. I want to know how to change the videos’ format so that I can play them on the computer. And at the same time, I hope the video quality isn’t changed after converting. Is there anyone can help me?”


As we all know, M2TS is a filename extension used for the Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video (BDAV) MPEG-2 Transport Stream (M2TS) container file format. This container format is commonly used for high definition video from Blu-ray Disc and AVCHD. In other words, we can play these kinds of M2TS files on the Blu-ray Player, but we can’t play them on TV, iPhone, Android and computer directly. So here is the question, how to play M2TS file on computer without trouble and quality loss. The following 2 ways would definitely help you out.


Part 1: How to Convert M2TS to MP4 with the M2TS Converter

Part 2: How to Clip and Convert M2TS to MP4


Part 1: How to Convert M2TS to MP4 with the M2TS Converter


The F2Fsoft M2TS Converter can convert HD videos to more than 150 file formats, such as it can convert MTS to MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV and so on. At the same time, it can rip and convert M2TS videos without quality loss and with fast speed. You can free download the software to have a try.


Download for Windows Download for Mac
Step 1: Click “Add File” button

Please run and open the M2TS Converter on your computer and then click “Add File” button on the top left corner of the interface. There are two options for you: Add File(s) and Add Folder, if you want to convert lots of M2TS files at one time, you can put them into the folder and then choose “Add Folder”.

Add M2TS File

Step 2: Choose the MP4 format

After you transfer the M2TS files to the software, please click “Profile” firstly, choosing the output format, to find “Format”>”3D Video” > “MP4”. If you want to playback the converted videos on Apple iPhone, you can choose the specific device from “Device” category.

Profile 3D MP4

Step 3: Start the conversion

Just click “Convert” button to finish the conversion.

Convert M2TS

Step 4: During the conversion, if you want to give up the conversion, you can click “Stop” button. If you want to leave the computer for a while, you can click “Pause” button.

Pause Conversion

Tips: With the help of the M2TS to MP4 Converter, you can customize the size, frame rate, bit rate of the audio and video. In most situation, the standard size of video uploading is 320*240pix. If the generated files are too big to upload, cutting the size down by setting a smaller video bit rate would be a good choice.


Part 2: How to Clip and Convert Blu-ray to MP4


We may download lots of Bluray movies on the internet and play them on the Blu-ray player. These kinds of movies are high-definition so that we can enjoy the fantastic visual experience. Generally speaking, we can play these movies on Blu-ray player, but if we want to play them on TV, computer, iPhone, iPad and iPod, we have to change the formats of them with the F2Fsoft HD video converter. At the same time, these kinds of HD videos have high memory (normal size is 40GB), so we usually choose to delete them to free up devices space. Today, we will learn another way to clip and compress HD videos.


Step 1: Run the software on the computer and the click “Add File” button to transfer the videos to the Windows.

Add M2TS File

Step 2: Click “Clip” button on the top of the interface and then a popup window will show up. You can drag the “start point” and “end point” to decide the video time on the interface; you also can preview the video to make sure the video content.


Step 3: Click “OK” button and you can see the clipped video on the left box.

Set Start And End Point

Step 4: Click “Edit” a popup window will show up and then click “Effect” to adjust the audio effect and audio effect, such as Volume, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue. After finishing the adjustment, please click “Apply”.

Apply M2TS File


Step 5: Click “Convert” button to convert MTS to MP4.

Convert M2TS




In our daily life, our iPhone, iPad, iPod or computers maybe insufficient storage space in system so that we have to delete some videos. In fact, we don’t have to do so. We can choose one HD video firstly and then rip it on the HD video converter and then change the format of it. With this kind of M2TS MTS Converter, we can do these things:

  1. Clip, edit and convert your videos.
  2. 4K UHD support
  3. Covert video in AVI, MKV, MP4, MOV and other formats
  4. Covert video without quality loss and fast speed

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