The Easiest Way to Convert MTS to DVD on Windows

As the rapid development of technology, the HD camcoder is very popular nowadays. Many people have a lot of MTS video files and want to share these videos with family and friends on TV. The best solution is to burn MTS to DVD for this purpose. However, for the particularity of MTS format, you are unable to play the special video formats even on your Windows computer and Mac, let alone on TV.

In addition, the original MTS videos can’t be played on any regular home DVD players directly. So, if you want to do it, what we need is a professional MTS to DVD Converter, and F2Fsoft MTS online converter is just the perfect one. This MTS files converter can not only convert MTS video to DVD, but also can burn all other popular videos to DVD without losing video quality, video formats such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, VOB, etc. are all supported. Get this MTS format converter and begin to create DVD from MTS files with ease. Besides, you can download the MTS free converter for trial.

There are more information to you:

  1. Why convert MTS to DVD
  2. Descriptions from users
  3. Reasons to choose this MTS to DVD converter
  4. How to convert MTS to DVD without losing quality

Reasons to convert MTS to DVD

The main reason to use MTS video converter is that you want to be able to watch your own video. For example, you can save the recorded videos for a long time, and the videos may include birthday party, family union, wedding scene, travelling pictures, your baby’s clips and more impressive moment. And you want to share it with your family, friends or colleagues. Besides, the video in your Camcorder or computer will take a large space for letting the new ones in. Then, there are few .mts players can play MTS files smoothly. Finally, it is awesome if you can play the recorded HD or 4K videos on the large screen TV with the help of DVD player. So it is necessary for you to use this MTS video converter.

Situations from users

  1. I shot videos in .mts. And I cannot burn MTS into DVD. How to burn them to DVD-RW discs so that I can put them in my DVD player and play them? What software should I use?”
  2. “My Sony HD camcorder saves video files in .mts format. Now I would like to burn it in the DVD to send to families. I tried to burn MTS files through Nero vision, but it doesn’t works. Before I do use or dl another program would like to be very sure what I am doing.”
  3. “Is there any way to convert videos from Sony HD camcorder? I have some MTS files and want to save them on my blank DVDs. What software should I use?”
  4. “I recorded some videos on my Panasonic camcorder with .mts format. How can I burn the .mts videos to DVD?”

Different situations occur from time to time. But to accomplish your task, you can use MTV converter, a professional MTS files converter that allows you to burn MTS to DVD with custom DVD menus in Windows .

Why choose F2Fsoft MTS to DVD Converter

  1. Fast speed to converter. You will get the convert video with the fast speed.
  2. High quality. The MTS files converter will assure you the high video quality as you wish.
  3. F2Fsoft MTS converter assures you the basic and powerful editing functions as well as bonus features for your information.
  4. Security guarantee. You do not to worry about the virus to attack your computer or the personal information leaking out.

How to convert MTS to DVD without losing quality

With the best and professional MTS to DVD Converter, you will get the original video quality after converting. And we will not only give you some guides to burn MTS to DVD format only, but we will show you how to create your own DVD with the MTS videos.

Preparation before burning MTS to DVD 

  1. A Professional MTS to DVD Creator.
  2. DVDs. You should make sure these DVDs are blank and writable.
  3. A computer. With DVD recorder Drive. Or the independent external DVD driver which can by recognized by your Windows.
  4. Card reader. To export your MTS videos from camcorder to your computer.

Steps to burn MTS to DVD

This MTS video converter provides a simple but useful way to convert MTS video and any other video to DVD. Download it first on your Windows and follow the next steps.

Download for Windows Download for Mac

Step1: Insert the blank DVD to the DVD driver.

Step2: Launch this MTS to DVD Creator, and click Add File to load the files you want to burn.

Step3: Choose DVD from the drop-down list of “Profile” as the output format.

Step4: Choose the button Converter the right down button to convert MTS file to DVD.

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